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Hey Sachin,
If you are doing electronic engineering, you can directly take a job after your graduation. Otherwise you can go for m.b.a or masters in engineering itself. If you are good at your subjects, you will not require any extra courses.
Hi Anupama,

Yes you can go in software field and for this you can do some software courses after completion of B.com like Java,advanced java,.NET, PHP, oracle or some designing courses like web designing or graphic designing etc.

Best of Luck...
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If you are intrested in HR field, then you must do MBA in HR. MBA in HR has a great scope now a days. It provides lots of good job opportunities. MBA professionals in human resources often get jobs in a variety of corporate positions related to human resource management.HR professionals have a wide variety of responsibilities, including hiring new employees, dealing with labor disputes, training employees, compensation policies, benefit programs, union and labor relations.... ► Read more
Make a good score in the BCA then sit for CET for gaining entry into a regular MCA course. but you must check the on-campus placement record of any MCA college before you take an admission.that will be a better option than doing MCA by distance learning. there are many universities those allow part time BCA candidates to do regular MCA......... ► Read more
You should do eMBA in Operations Management.The forces driving the global economy are notably changing the shape of the world's industry. Effective supply chain management is quickly becoming a key and competitive distinguishing factor among businesses and globalization has created an urgent need for managers with special skills.The EMBA program with a specialization in Operations Management equips the participants with a comprehensive knowledge of global operations, productivity improvement, quality and inventory control, supply chain management, production, planning and logistics.

Best of Luck................
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You fit in the IT criteria of 60%. Though it is less percentage. You can do well at your engineering level. Acquire excellent practicals skills with good marks.
Your good skills and knowledge will give you a good job.

Good luck
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Sure, just clear the technical interviews of the company, plus good project in final year and you will be in.... ► Read more

No, only your M.tech percentile would be consider at the time of campus placement.There are many company that provide good opportunities after doing M.tech. Your B.tech percentage will not effect on your placement.Only your M.tech marks consider at the time of campus placement.

All the best............
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For better opportunities in Software field you can do MCA or MBA in IT, in which you have more interested. MCA and MBA both have good scope.

MCA (Master in Computer Application) is the post graduation course in computer field.

MBA( Master’s of Business Administration) is a 2year degree .You can do MBA in IT.

If you are not good in programming, then you must go for proper coaching for learning programming. Because for good opportunities in software company then knowledge of programming is necessary.

All the best.................
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As you have completed a Masters degree in Psychology, you can very much work as a Counselor. You can begin your consultation either from your residence or join a Hospital or polyclinic.
You could also work as a recruitment consultant from your home. There are many data entry kind of jobs available too, which you could opt for.
You could also begin teaching, if you are interested in it....
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HR profile is which is normally takes place in a big company where u hve seprate HR dept and in consultancy Recruitment firm u mainly do only Hiring candidate for in house requirement sometime and mostly for other Company u hire or Recruit a candidate. but when u r working on generalist profile then you are co- works on following areas like:
Employee Appraisal system,PF, Gratuity, Contacting with Consultants for Recruitments , Interviwing Candidate from different sources of recruitment, training and Development, Payroll, compensation, Attendance etc these all r included in Generalist Profile of HR.

In details the profile of HR generalist is:

a) Development of hr department( forms,employee handbook, HR manual)
b) Interview applicants to obtain information on work history,training, education and job skills.
c) Contact applicants to inform them of employment possibilities, considerations and selection.
d) Inform potential applicants about facilities, operations, benefits, and job or career opportunities in organizations.
e) Screen and refer applicants to hiring personnel in the organization, making hiring recommendations when appropriate.
f) Joining formalities.
g) Handling employee database(both in soft form and files management)
h) Serve as a link between management and employees by handling questions, interpreting and administering contracts and helping resolve work related problems.
i) Plan, direct,supervise,and coordinate work activities of subordinates and staff relating to employment, compensation, labor relations and employee relations
j) Leaves and attendance management.
k) Handling the payroll
l) Managing advance salary, Ad hoc bonuses, loans.
m) Confirmations, performance appraisals, performance management.
n) Liaison with various consultants.
o) Motivate employees on day-to-day basis.
p) Stop all type of rumors and misleading communication.
q) Administering disciplina
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