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information about ismh course and fee structure - 100 to 102 of 113 results

As you want to be statistician you can do B.SC and M.Sc in statistics ,Maths. or even applied statistics. There is no engineering degree required....
Sanjana it is great to do computer course with your studies. IT will be your additional qualification and improve your career prospects. There are courses from 6 moths to 1 year. do see you can balance with your studies and it is also of your interest. Contact your nearest computer training institute like NIIT, APTECH for course. I am giving you list of some courses. If you want to ask about any specific course feel free to ask . The courses are- Six months Short term accounting course and finance Diploma course in Computerised Financial Accounting , Tally course, Advanced Excel course, Diploma in taxation, Diploma in payroll, MS CIT, Computer languages likeJava and .net computer, hardware and networking, web designing or development, animation e.t.c.... ► Read more
Hey Surbhi,

Deciding about ones career is really a tough job and most of the students of your age go through the same dilemma as to what career to choose that would be best suited for them.

First of all the most important thing in choosing a career is your interest. Always go for a career in which you have interest because that will remain with you all through your life and if you don’t have interest in the same it will become a burden for you.
The next important thing is your aptitude. You should possess at least minimum level of aptitude to pursue a career. For all careers there are certain level of aptitudes required like to become a Psychologist one should be high on critical dissection and verbal aptitude.

The next important thing is your skills and personality. You should always opt for a career that suites your personality for example a person who is not social and does not like meeting people will be less successful in a profession like marketing as compared to a person who is social and enjoys meeting people and is comfortable in front of them.

Whatever career you choose for yourself you should research about it like the job that you will be required to do and the nature of work, what you will have to study, what is the scope etc…. and then try and match it up with your interest, aptitude and personality to get a best fit career for yourself.

You can also opt for the Psychometric Career Assessment that MeraCareerGuide.com offers to take better and informed decisions.

Hope this will be of help to you.

Best Wishes!

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