Internship in andhra pradesh for engineering students - 78 to 80 of 106 results

Be patient . There is no shortcut to success . As you are B.TECh then M.TECH or MBA will be best option for better career growth . There are also option like journalism, advertising , animation , law , teaching e.t.c which are different from your earlier side . It will be good if you know your area of interest, because then right course suiting your interest can be told to you. If you will do course according to your interest then you don't feel bored from your job in mid of career .There are lot of software, hardware and networking courses provided in our country by Cisco : Juniper: Prometric : Microsoft: Nortel: Novell: Sun Microsystems:
You can also contact your nearest computer institute like NIIT, APTECH, CDAC e.t.c First see what you want to study and decision should be based on your interest . Once you know what you is your interest area deciding course and college are not difficult thing.There are lot of courses- in the field of Database administration, Web development , and programming courses, software testing , SAP , Photoshop , Linux administration, adobe flash , programming languages . These courses are if you are not interested in your field There are certification related to your field Feel free to ask further question Certification in Embedded system
Certificate Program in Robotics and Intelligent Systems
Power Electronics NPTEL Course
Control system certification course
Advanced Training in System Engineering
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering-Electrical System
Certificate Program in VSLI technology
Advanced program in DC and AC motors
Short term program in Mechatronics
Course in Testing and Measurement
Certificate Program in PLC
Certificate program in CCNA
Short term course in Signal processing
Hardware ne
you can applying in the companies like Industrial Products/Heavy Machinery etc.
but when you can applying in the private companies .some companies want the experience candidates and some wants the freshers so you can search the companies.
you can go through the websites in that you can find the latest job.
government companies also in banglore so apply in it when the job published in newspapers or websites.

Best of Luck...
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A PG level qualification defenitely increase your career opportunities and give more chance to grow in career .But what you want to do has to be decided by your interest. .If you already had decided you don't want to do technical work then you can definitely try for MBA.In general when people are fresher and confused between MBA and M.TECH i advice them to atleast work for 1-2 year to know your interest and what you want to do.
I will suggest you to try for job first after B.TECH. First think you want to do such technical thing or you are interested in doing HR, Marketing or finace e.t.c like people of your company working in such department do. Don't decide on the basis of money as both course will give you well paying job and good career. Engineer after few year of experience move into management side. People think that management people only succeed. If you think after MBA you will succeed then only go for it . Even company have program in which they provide MBA to their employees after few year of experience..First find out you want to do such technical stuff, specialize in any such area in the field of engineering then go for M.TECH. But if you are not interested in doing such thing then go for MBA. To know you are interested in doing what kind of thing at least work for 1-2 year .Feel free to ask further question...
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