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Interview at hssc panchkula - 1 to 11 of 47 results

As far as I think ..it would be more based on which post you applying for , if you have done your dctoral it would be more centirc to your thesis.

If you have prior teaching experience most of the questions would come based on it.

Hello Dhanya,

when you go for an interview, there are few things to focus on

1. Be Relaxed and comfortable, don't panic.
2. Be confident and have a positive attitude.
3. Have all you certificates and resume organized in a file.
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Read more on: http://www.meracareerguide.com/Interview.aspx#13... ► Read more
After the Interview is complete Review your Interview questions. Find out the answers for which you are unable at answer. This way if you attend for 5 interviews you can get a lot of information on what basis the questions will be asked & how to answer them. And be sure, that if you do not know the answer tell them I don't know. If you think you can learn if they give time. Tell them, If I got some time I can learn.... ► Read more
Marks are not all the time parameter your attitude and competency matters.
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Dear Shraddha

These are some of the interview questions

How u will convince Axis bank or SBI bank customer to take loan from IDBI bank
diffrence between nationlised bank and psu bank and commercial bank.
what are the 7P's and 9R's of marketing
why do u want to join a government company
what does success mean to you
What are types of Depreciation?
What is the difference between ICICI and SBI? What is the most important achievement till date ?
what is the meaning of allahabad bank logo?
what is differnce between monetary policy and fiscal policy
What is the role of RBI ?

You can have a look at more of these kind at


All the best for your interview...
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Dear Shubhi,
U haven't mentioned that which industry you wish to enter. But, in general the best way to prepare for any interview is to take care of 2 major aspects: Communication Skills & Overall personality. Make yourself comfortable in communicating with others, specially in English. Practice the best way to introduce yourself, as this is generally asked. Rest know about the company profile, enhance your subject knowledge. Use the most practical approach while solving the case studies.
All the best
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You can visit site like freshersworld.com or vyom.com
Here, you can find basics about Tech Support and some interview questions too.
Good luck with your interview.

However, in a tech support interview, what the interviewer looks for is:
a. you communication skills which means, are you able to understand what the other person is saying and is the person able to understand what you are saying.
b. How quick thinking you are
c. Can you be trained? This is THE most important trait. You need to be open minded and willing to learn.

P.S. Do let me know the outcome of the interview....
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Dear Amiya,
First step is to relax! Confidence comes with preparation. Be well prepared for your interview. Pay attention to your professional look. As , the moment you enter the interview room 80% decision to hire you or nor , is already made on the basis of your dress & appearance. Ensure the your communication skills are reasonably efficient. Listen carefully to every question, understand it & then answer. Do not panic. Finally, take a deep breath while entering the interviewer's room.
Believe in yourself & do your best.

All the best!
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Just be clear of two things no matter how contradicting they might look while reading this

1) Be clear, positive and confident of wot u speak ... even if it is "I donot know sir/ma'am"

2) Make some logical sense of wotever u speak.

In interview, your basic / general knowledge or idea is definitely required, but more importantly is the behaviour/mannerism in which you speak or hold ur body language. Trust me, any company / insititute requires jst near about 25-30% of ur acaedmic knowledge, rest is how well you can handle / grasp things if taught by the company.

Make them the believer of u n ur name will definitely appear in the "selected" list....
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