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Is there any specialisation courses after bsc nursing - 1 to 3 of 225 results

Hi Grusha,

You can apply for teacher posts and government jobs. In private sector job opportunities are very less. If you get a job in this, pay will not be good. After gaining some experience you will get good pay in this sector but an engineer would be preferred over this degree.

You might go for MSc, after doing MSc. you will get good opportunities compare to BSc. If you get a job now, try for MSc after gaining some experience.

Let me know for further assistance.

All the best
HI Anjali,
    You can go for BSc,MSc and MTech depending on your interest after 12 th.But i always suggest that get your aptitude test done from MERA CAREER GUIDE to move further.
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Dear Student,
Greetings ! Every field has good opportunities. Just go ahead and take up a course based on your true liking. Decision should be based on interest and not money , else you may regret your decision later. Whatever you take up , do your very best in it. Success will be yours !
Best Wishes...
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