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It will depend upon from which school or college you are doing your 11th . You can go for pcb with maths or pc with maths. You can leave biotech currently as you can study biotech at graduation and post graduation level and it will be also professional course. As far as your current combination is concerned your current combination is already more than enough...
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These kinds of confusions are  very  common at your age ,so you don’t need to worry at all.

You can choose your field on the basis of your interest like  if you think you can easily convenience others , good communication skill and influence others then you can go for commerce area .And if you are good in Maths and statistics then you can choose areas related to math .

There are some other traits also which are imp. to determine that  which field should be suitable for you like your skills, aptitude and ability .You can take some psychometric tests which are designed by “meracareerguide.com”.these tests would be helpful for you to take right decision.

Good luck!!!...
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If you want to study commerce you have to score good marks in maths and accountancy.
You should be also interested in the subject.
Best of luck...
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Kindly elaborate your question....
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Dont loose your confident and hope. I know the competition this days is very tough but as long as you have interest in the subject you can perform well and cope up with all kind of competative exam. so have faith in your self and try to manage your time and from now only begin the prepration of competative exam. I know you can perform very well and can get through all this competative exams.

Best Wishes!!!...
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There is a lot many professional work that can be done in 3 months..... But since you wanted something related to CA, which is a vast subject, my recommendation to you would be to go to a professional face to face advice..... Otherwise you can go for some short term computer courses.......... ► Read more
There won't be any such problem regarding placement........ So if you didn't get success in class 11th, then prepare your academics very well and also prepare well for entrance exams like IIT and AIEEE, so that you get a good college and in good colleges placement problem is zero.......... ► Read more
Hi Dev,

I would like to tell you that every school has its own criteria though many schools allow you to change your stream even after your 11th. You can talk to your school authorities about it.

Best of Luck!
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Yusra, do watever you like and enjoy. It;s good to know that u know in advance what u want to be. Money will follow you if you are expert in your field.... ► Read more
Atleast learn how to pose a question properly- you have no sense of grammar or vocabularly. Also, this being a formal website, you should refrain from using informal or shortened words such as "bt" instead of "but".... ► Read more

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