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Jamia millia islamia b-tech fee structure - 1 to 3 of 61 results

Dear Sirisha
it's not that one is better than the other; but they are different. Frankly telling you don't need to do any of these to if you just want your financial status to sound good but for that you need to have luck and without luck no mater what degree you have you cannot have a good financial status.So before deciding whether to go for mba or mtech its very important to realize the job that will interest u most.

Its not that u do mba or mtech from any college & u will be a top dog in the corporated world. Doing MBA even from IIM's does not mean a crore package to everyone.This package is received by at most 2or 3 students and avg package is around 10-15 Lakhs and the data that is shown on the sites is mostly manipulated and u always do not end up with the correct package details.



Also u can have a packageof Rs. 45 Lakhs jst after doing B. Tech whiich was offered by Schlumberger at NSIT .


So its ur choice to to get a good how to get a millionaire by doing B.Tech, M.Tech , MBA or by doing by LUCK!!!!!!!

Youngest Millionaire of the World!!!!!


You can decide yourself in which subject you can score marks and you are interested in.
Accordingly you can choose a course you are interested in and
get good marks and apply for jobs.

Best of luck...
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Hi laxman,
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering(AME) 25,000 admission fee and 70,000 per semester. actually it is not fixed....
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