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Jbt first year result gwalior - 1 to 11 of 1334 results

What is the cutoff percentage in Bhagubhai Polytechnic for the first year diploma in Computer Engineering this year 2011
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Dear Lizy, it is a wonderful question you have asked. As you have a dual qualification i.e masters in psychology and certificate course in french. Both the qualifications have its merits and demerits.if you look on the field of psychology, you will find that this is not a subject in spite of this it is the science of behavior as you have read in the course. This subject is full of fantasies, facts and knowledge of course, it is a challegmimg subject and you can get a challenging career by opting it as a career. It is a subject which is open to more and more researches, if you have an research aptitude then you can help the society to explore human capabilities.by opting this as a career you can start yourself as a teacher of psychology in different schools and institutes. If you will try some mor and omce you get the NETnational eligibility test conucted by UGC twice in a year, you can get a chance to impart your knowledge of psychology to the college students. Now adadys the pays of lAsst. Professors working in colleges are very good. This can make your future economically and socially secure. If you have a good knowledge on various aspects of human nature e.g intelligence, personality, learning, aptitudes, attitudes, interests etc you can become a good counselor . There are many institutions which have a position of counselors or you can open your own guidance and counselling center. After all the field of psychology is very vast and there are too much career aspects, Now it is up to you that in which aspect you have much interest and knowledge. Now a days the most reputed companies along with their HR department have counselors and their duty is to judge the job aspirants whether they have the specific job aptitude or not. If you obtain an MBA HRdegree then it will be an additional advantage for you.
On the other hand , you decribe that you have a certificate in French, then dear it is very good that you have a kbowledge of a foreign language.
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MITS Gwaliar is the best

and then Medicaps I am not sure of SVITS

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I Miss blessing! Honestly is my pleasure to have contact with you today through www.meracareerguide.com so my dear! if you don't mind and you want to know whom i am! kindly contact me back through! [email protected] for more introduction of my self,Including my pictures to enable you know me well! Perhaps i want to use this opportunity to let you know that i do speak and write English very well because is my native Language!
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Hi Akriti,

The best Govt. ones (as far as placement is concerned) are:

SGSITS - Indore
MITS - Gwalior

These two are Govt engineering colleges which are quite famous for the placements(read arnd 80-90%) in the M.P. circuit.
Another good Govt college is SATI- Vidisha but lags behind the other two in placements only.

Rest all colleges told by Chetan are really nice especially LNCT - Bhopal.
You can also have a look at OIST-Bhopal as it also has a great reputation.
NOTE: LNCT,OIST -Bhopal are Private Colleges still rank higher than few govt colleges.
For good colleges in MP I am considering Placements as the main Parameter.


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No Preet. There is no such provision in India.... ► Read more
I am kimberlly from India.I am new member here.I am a software Engineer.I wanna inspire you about our website(desh me aaj).which is a news website.for daily updates please visit on this site...
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Yes bro,its really gud,so u hav completed ur degree if u like to join in armed forces go for army or else reasearch side go for DRDO,nd u can hav d further details at d below links k,all d best,join d army nd b d one among us... ► Read more

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