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Juned you have lot of option like- MBA, CS, ICWA, Economics, CFA, stock broking, Risk Management and Insurance Planning, Business finance. Actually i will advice you to take career of your interest and once decided that you want to go in it please work hard in it. you are struggling in CA because anyone of above thing is missing....
Do it simultaneously.... Don't waste your time for the field you are not interested in. Keep focussed target and pursue for it. ... ► Read more
The best option would be to do MBA jointly and than apply for faculty in colleges and also can appear for UGC NET .And start as lecturer

Good luck ....
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You have good qualification, You are doing CA, which you provides you better job opportunities in future.You should MBA in Banking and Finance it also provides you more better job opportunities.You can try in banking & finance departments in any recognised or in any limited companies.
You want to do MBA from foreign university.I give you the list of various MBA colleges in foreign countries:-
London Business School
University of Pennsylvania
Harvard Business School
Leland Stanford Junior University

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Ankit in terms of job opportunities both CS and ICWA have good job opportunities. MY suggestion will be to go through syllabus of both before starting the course. Find what is interesting and do that. You can also try for govt.exam like bank PO, civil services. My suggestion will be to not to leave job unless you don't find one. There are lot of job opportunities in the field of marketing and this experience will help you in getting better job.keep on applying for jobs through job portal, recruitment consultancy, newspaper, social networking sites like LINKEDIN, APNA CIRCLE . You can also move in teaching .Feel free to ask further question.... ► Read more
MBA is a good option for you. It provides you good opportunities in future. There are many kind od Specilization in MBA.
Accounting Specialization
Acquisition Specialization
Management, Communication, and Quality Specialization
Finance Specialization
General Business Specialization
Global Management
Health Care Management Specialization

All the best.................
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