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June 2013 tax laws solved paper of cs executive programme - 1 to 3 of 22 results

A Company Secretary is expected to take crucial decisions regarding legal matters, tax, finance, excise laws, corporate laws, labour laws and corporate planning. He is the most important link connecting the shareholders, regulatory agencies and the board of directors. He or she also acts as the registrar of the company performing important secretarial functions like filing company returns with the Registrar of Companies and other authorities.Company secretary is very much related to law....
You can do MBA from IGNOU. It is best distance learning program which covers all over India.You can do MBA in Banking and Finance or in HR. Today the scope of HR is increases so I think it is better for you to do MBA in HR.

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The company secretary course has great scope in terms of the career opportunities. The candidates have immense job opportunities in private companies mainly in the area of consulting, finance, banks, corporate bodies etc. The company secretary has the major role in taking the responsibility of business in the organizations. They will be actively involved in the decision making and different policy formulations in the companies. The nature of job will be challenging which gives the candidates wide area of exposure also.

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