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Medical Psychology refers to a growing specialty area of clinical psychological practice in which clinical psychologists, who have undergone specialized education and training at the post-doctoral level, integrate somatic and psycho therapeutic modalities into the management of mental illness, including the prescription of medications in the care and management of patients.But in all countries psychologist are not authorize to prescribe medicines.

Behavioral Medicine (related to Behavioral Health, Clinical Health Psychology and Psychosomatic Medicine) is a related branch of clinical practice in which psychologists emphasize the biopsychosocial approach to medicine, a model which recognizes the importance of addressing the interaction between physical, psychological and social factors in both the prevention and management of disease. Practitioners of behavioral medicine differ from medical psychologists in that they focus on the scientific application of behavioral interventions to a wide variety of medical conditions (e.g., asthma, gastrointestinal illnesses, cardiac conditions, spinal cord and brain injuries, chronic pain, headaches, and addictive illness).

Psychologists study such topics as perception, cognition, attention, emotion, motivation, personality, behavior and interpersonal relationships. Some, especially depth psychologists, also consider the unconscious mind.a In addition or opposition to employing empirical and deductive methods, psychologists sometimes rely upon symbolic interpretation and other inductive techniques.

Job of psychologists:
The nature of work of a psychologist is influenced most by the areas of specialization in the subject. They work in a number of different settings, including universities and colleges, primary and secondary schools, government agencies, private industry, hospitals, clinics, and private practices. They are also employed in social welfare organizations, research establi
HI Medico,

About the entrance test you can follow this site http://www.aippg.com/ and about the fee details it will cost you around 20 to 30 lakhs for the best colleges and the scholarship depends on the college you opt and the course duration is of 2 yrs.

All the best....
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You need to clear PLAB to get into Medical Universities in the UK after your MBBS degree from india. You can have more information at http://www.gmc-uk.org/doctors/plab.asp#1
Revert if you need further clarifications.
Good Luck,
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Hi Medico,

You will surely have bright future prospects once you complete your PG from abroad university when compared to the other post graduates.

All the best....
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The choice of course is yours. Both are two separate fields. This is the time to decide the right career. Always choose career according to your interest. See to your likes and dislikes. Both fields have ample of opportunities. Look at the career for both areas....

# Engineering

Engineering means to find economical solution for technological problems and it has a vital role in the prevailing milieu. Engineers work starting from planning, designing, construction, production, testing, implementation and maintenance etc.Engineers work on scientific theories to get practical solutions.Engineering extends it's branches catering to industries, technology and business.

Engineering offers tremendous scope for employment depending upon the area of specialization. Apart from jobs in the private sector, engineers can find employment in the public sector as well. There are numerous opportunities for engineers in the computer software industry, too.

Engineers can join Defense services as commissioned officers. They have great demand in Civil Aviation Industry and Merchant Navy. Other opportunities include working as a Consultant in research / scientific organizations. Engineers with Post Graduate degree get senior position in private and government department or as a planner or adviser on basic infrastructure development of the industry. An engineer with entrepreneurship abilities can also set up his/her own enterprise.

Different categories of Engineering are as follows

• Aeronautical Engineering
• Architect/ Architectural Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Chemical Engineering
• Electronics Engineering
• Fire Engineering
• Genetic Engineering
• Industrial Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Marine Engineering
• Computer Engineering
• Biomedical Engineering

# Medicine

Medicine is one of the most sort out and rewarding career for those interested in Science an
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Hi rivita,

Sometime our mind makes us confuse, whether we in at right place or not.
You said you had interest in it...that why? you joined. Note down those circumstances that made you disinterested. Why it happened so. Is it because you did not fulfilled the dream of music. If that is the reason!!!

You continue with your course and join part time music class,just to be in touch with your dream.Finish your MBBS and than do a diploma in music. You can practice medicine and side by side continue your music. The choice is completely your. A doctor can be a good singer/musician too.

One thing , Enjoy! to what ever you do.

Best of luck...
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If you want to change your stream from mpc to bpc then you have to do your 11th standard again, but this is not a right option. I think you must continue with this line, this line has a very wide scope. It provides you lots of opportunities. If you are intrested in biology field then after 12th standard, you should do any diploma course in this field.

Best of Luck.................
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Everything is best and everything has become competitive.. so the key is to find your field of interest and we can help you find best route to achieve success in that!
All the best!...
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What exactly do you wish to pursue as? Provide us with your back ground, educational qualification to help us respond in a streamlined way.
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Its good to see that you are so clear about  your future plan.yes you can do diploma in medicine after donig MA in psychology .There are many institutes where you can work as psychiatrist like NIMHANS , CIP and IBHAS but working in these institutes and to start your own clinic you have to do PHD or M.phil in psychology also.

Good Luck for your Shine future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
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Medical field has always a good scope but if you are not interested in this field, then you choose that career in which you are interested.

Becoming a film director is also a good option for you. It has also a good scope. Direction in the film industry is not an easy joke.

For becoming a director, you should first need to acquire certificate from any recognized film making institute. During the course try to make some short film out of your own ideas. Join as an assistant director to any of the director. After gaining proper experience, you can able to direct your own film. And then you become director.

All the best..............
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