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Animation is a very creative field, let us understand two things
If you want to become animator based on your creative skills like drawing etc. degree hardly matters, there good institues like Apeejay, Arena, Maac etc. you can join any of them but remember one very important before joining any center just check about faculty from senior students.
If you want to become project manager and even want to take senior management position in any big company, Degree level course will help you because it will cover all the aspect about the technology which helps in taking decision about different types of multimedia projects....
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If you want to start your own stock broking business, you will need to follow some steps that will ensure a smooth business flow. As long as you’re able to comply with the requirements and the needed licensing, you can now open your new business.
Firstly, you need experience. Work in the industry so that you can familiarize yourself with the system. Stock brokers can win or lose a lot of money in a day and this will have a huge impact to investors or clients. Having enough experience in the industry will give you an edge in managing your own stock broking business in the future. You can also work for another stock broker when you’re still trying to gain experience. This is also an excellent way to meet a lot of potential investors.
To start your own business, you should be a registered broker. The tests will be divided into seven series and you will need to pass them all. If you still haven’t taken the test, you can team up with a registered broker so that you can already open a new business. The registered broker will then become your partner. In a stock broking business, you can remain a broker or you can also become a dealer. You will be the one to buy and sell securities. As a dealer, you will own stocks and you will sell them as well. Most of today’s stock broking businesses are both brokers and dealers....
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