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Latest major research project approved list by ugc - 1 to 11 of 325 results

Thanks for replying , I got this college IEM in kolkata for MCA under PTU which is jointly approved by AICTE -DEC-UGC . Now i am not very clear about this course , as they have started it from last year and last year students are all praising the course and faculty . Please give me the information of this course quickly .
Another thing i have a desire to do PHD , so can i do PHD after doing MCA under PTU from IEM ....
National Institute of Business Management (NIBM Global) wiil be the best choice i think.Syllabus of NIBM EMBA meets international standards.NIBM certifications are having warm acceptance in industries now a days.for more details visit their website http://nibmglobal.com/ ... ► Read more
Yes there are many colleges which is only UGC approved not AICTE approved.both are good but as AICTE is all india council of technical education so it is given more preference.It provides the licence for the institute to give a value and eligible degree.One of the main differences between University Grants Commission (UGC) and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), is that the later one basically deals with technical education.

Best of Luck..................
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Hi Rockey,

Vinayaka Missions University is UGC recognized and Vinayaka Missions Kirupananda Variyar Engineering College is NBA-AICTE accredited.So your brother can take admission there. But here I see your question is of long days back.In the mean time I think you have taken your admission.So please let me know where you have got admission.

Best of Luck...
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Seems a little tough mate...you need to do a proper study of requirements of different institutes....
metro cities are not the best for it... however if you want it specifically in a metro...the going gets tough...
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Hi Isha,

You sent me an attachment showing not certified UGC certificate of Noida. First of all you should never rely on these kinds of emails. If in doubt its best to confirm from college university, they are the most reliable source for this ! The attachment you sent to me says that Noida branch is also not recognised.

For your confirmation this is the link on Amity site which contradicts your statement

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What are you asking dude....clearly batao ...What you looking for ??... ► Read more
Listen payal.......i want you to know first that All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) was set-up in November 1945 as a national level Apex Advisory Body to conduct survey on the facilities on technical education.
It means it is a standard body which looks after the technical education in our country.
If the course or technical college is not recognized by AICTE...Then at the time of any campus or interview ...you will be given less preference than anyone who passed or have done any technical course from AICTE affiliated college........Even many public sector undertakings also write clearly while displaying vacancies that the candidates must have done or completed technical course approved by AICTE.
What i want to say that it is always better to go for technical course approved by AICTE otherwise it will limit our chances .
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iiahs recognisedby ugc or not give the replysir... ► Read more
Its a deemed university , still have legal stuff to be sorted .
There has been no output from this university yet , be-ware....
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I wants to information about net syllabus regarding ugc-net exam.... ► Read more

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