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Hey man your words were really helping and I am interested in private sector, People are suggesting me to quit but I do have faith that I can score good My 6th sem was depressing as hell, dint clear a subject
7th sem student... thanks for the words tho ...
You are in 3rd year . So you have enough time to work on your areas where you are lacking . Also try to take up good project or internship where you get lot of learning opportunities . Make good resume . network with your alumni , company personnel where you are taking up project/internship , also have good rapport with teachers.

There are lot of job opportunities for EC student .Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL), Intel, Samsung Electronics, Sony, Toshiba, Philips Semiconductors, Texas Instruments, LG Electronics, Nokia, AMD, CISCO, Nvdia, HP and IBM are leading companies hiring student from this field . You can get job in- entertainment, consumer electronics, consumer durables, transmission industry, research establishments, and specialized defense products like signaling equipments, radar control equipments.fields related to hardware & components and Networking and in the Telecom Sector ,mobile computing ,VLSI / Embedded System/digital signal processing e.t.c. Actually there are lot of opportunities and you also have good qualification .
What you need to do is to perform well in job interview or whatever their recruiting exam is. Work on things that you have learnt in your college , be confident, work on your communication skill , also on day of interview be prepared with necessary documents, and be properly dressed. See where you are lacking and work on it. Be flexible in terms of salary , relocation , work timing e.t.c. It will increase your chance of getting job . Emphasize on chance of learning that you will get in company . At the end of interview also ask 1 to 2 questions regarding company so that they will see that you have come after reading about company. Actually read about company before going for interview. If you don't know answer say no . There is no harm in it...
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As you are an electronics student, you need to decide if you are interested in VLSI, Communication,Networking, DSP or Software area. Depending on your interests, you can choose your vertical, pick a project in that area and do your project work/internship to get bit more detailed experience and expertise. Getting a job in that area or getting into higher education would be easy that way... ► Read more

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