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Lecturer job vacancies tamil nadu polytechnic colleges - 1 to 3 of 99 results

Satyaprakash currently the best option is to complete B.TECH from good engineering college for better career and job opportunities. But if you don't want to go in the field of engineering then just give me reply. You had also not completed your question. Try to do this from next time. Waiting for reply....
A good college is always helpful in making good career in any field same is with animation, but being a creative sector it is mainly up to student who is doing this course. we know there are two types of animation eg 2D and 3d.
in 3D animation lots of software based knowledge is needed so it is very important to learn it from a very good college or institute, but 2d animation is majorly based on sketching so if someone is having very good talent in drawing figures (human or animal) he can directly approach any film making studio after learning basic 2d animation software like Flash from a training college or institute...
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Fyi: a good book for those want to enter journalism and mass comm profession.. How to Become a Good Journalist (Author: Raza Elahi); Price: Rs 250 (hardbind); Rs 75 (paper back) Publisher: Atlantic Publisher, Delhi. To Buy: E-mail at [email protected] (cash on delivery). The book can also be ordered through Flipkart.com ; indiaplaza.com... ► Read more

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