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Mba 2nd financial management model question papers - 1 to 3 of 387 results


Most advertising agencies prefer MBA’s for posts in the market research, client servicing and media planning departments.

# Marketing manager
# Marketing assistant
# Marketing research executive
# Head marketing department
# Head media planning
# executives
# trainees more ...

These are the positions available for MBA's in marketing.

* Advertising agencies,
* Advertising departments of public / private sector companies,
* Advertising sections of newspapers, journals, magazines,
* Commercial sections of radio / television programmes,
* Market research organisations,
* Freelance work....
Dear Sunil

First of all apologies for replying so late. Since you are coming to India so it's more convinient for you to enroll in a course here.

Indian Institute of Commerce and Trade offers comprehensive autonomous correspondence / regular / part time programmes to train a new generation of managers and they do have retail management correspondence course.

Please get in touch with them.

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There is a very wide scope in stock market after doing diplome in financial management.Stockbrokers buy and sell stocks, bonds, and other sorts of investments on behalf of their clients, who could be individuals or corporations. Because every investment involves risk, stockbrokers work under a great deal of stress. They must often act quickly, since day-to-day and even hour-to-hour stock market fluctuations could mean the gain or loss of substantial amounts of money. They must be good with figures and good at keeping a cool head when working with enormous sums of money. Buying and selling securities, insurance and commodities demands good interpersonal and sales skills and being well-informed about various investment products.As you have done diploma in financial managemnt. You can handle all these situations easily.... ► Read more

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