Mba 3rd semester syllabus jntu kakinada - 232 to 234 of 358 results

One cannot say that MBA is better than PGDM or vice versa. Both these courses are almost same. The only difference is that MBA give importance to hard skills and is more subject-oriented and theoretical practices whereas PGDM is industry oriented and focus is more in developing soft skills. The syllabus and curriculum of MBA is tailor made according to the needs and demands of the industry. In PGDM the syllabus and curriculum is flexible and depends upon the choice of the institute where the student wishes to do the course or get admitted. There are some institutes in India which offers both MBA and PGDM at postgraduate level. The student can choose the subject according to their interest and preference based on the demand of the industry.

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Juned you have lot of option like- MBA, CS, ICWA, Economics, CFA, stock broking, Risk Management and Insurance Planning, Business finance. Actually i will advice you to take career of your interest and once decided that you want to go in it please work hard in it. you are struggling in CA because anyone of above thing is missing.... ► Read more
Be updated about job through, job portal, recruitment consultancy, social networking site- Linkedin. Apna Circle, read newspaper, take help of HR person in your company or some helpful colleague or contacts that you have built during your work, alumni ( lot of them will be there in social networking sites ). You can also do further study.... ► Read more

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