Minimum age for 10th class in cbse board - 12 to 14 of 89 results

No it is not mandatory to finish up your 10th class examination to change you school. You can change the school in-between. It depends upon the school you are taking admission. Either it is having seats for students and it take admission in-between or not. In Central Schools you can change your school any time is your parents posted to some other state or you shifted your home. So first ask the school in which you want to take admission about their admission criteria, they do so, you can shift otherwise you have to finish your board examination....
It does not matter that whether you change your board or not it is necessary that you study hard in any board you are studying in. you can move to CBSE board which is a very good one.... ► Read more
No CBSE boar is not at all tough none of the board are tough, it is totally a misconception, you have to study hard but that does not mean that the boar is tough. all boards are almost same. Study hard to get a good marks.... ► Read more

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