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Minimum qualification for btc 2010-11 - 1 to 11 of 263 results

Dear Rajesh,

We are a group of IITians and working for people like you, you need not worry at all as we are in touch with lot of  IITB, SYMBY guys throughout to make your life simple. I would suggest you to take a paid solution to identify your need and chek your skills.

Regards & Thanks
Dear Ravi

There is no minimum u should aim for. But you should aim for maximum that u can score.

Well frankly telling don't revise anything , Give the exam and hope for the best....
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Hi ,
As you are just in 11th std, understand what is computer programming. This will help you to move further.

Computer programming (often shortened to programming or coding) is the process of writing, testing, debugging/troubleshooting, and maintaining the source code of computer programs. This source code is written in a programming language. The code may be a modification of an existing source or something completely new. The process of writing source code often requires expertise in many different subjects, including knowledge of the application domain, specialized algorithms and formal logic.

To work as a computer programmer one must usually have a bachelor's degree, generally in computer science,or information technology. as: B.E,B.Tech ,BCA etc.
Programming skills and experience are highly valued in this field, particularly knowledge of object-oriented languages and tools such as C++ and Java. In addition, working computer programmers must constantly update their skills to keep up with changing technology.

Career prospects are high in the field of Programming. Big companies hire computer programmers with good degree.
You can start preparing for your engineering exams as you are at the right stage to begin. work hard !

best of luck...
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Hello Usman,

You are interested in both BBA and B.Com.So first you decide which course you want to do.If you want to go for BBA in future there is a prescribed syllabus for BBA degree where there will business mathematics, Quantitative tecniques, Research methodology in these subjects definetly you need to know the basic fundamentals of mathematics for qualifying the examination of these papers, otherwise for getting admitted for the course of BBA you need not take maths course.

But if you want to go with B.Com in your graduation then I will suggest you to take maths.Because there will be subjects which are related to accounts and finance.So if you take maths that will be helpful for you in future.And don't be afraid about maths.You must know "Practice makes a man perfect".So if you are weak in this subject then practice it properly.Also you got a good cgpa in your boards so I feel you can do.

If you want to know any more details then write me back.
All the Best

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Hi Soumya,

With this as your current course, there is plenty of choice. In fact you could choose almost any career option, but engg would suit this profile.

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There is no restriction in Fashion designing that which stream you belong to. A person from any stream can do fashion designing. For doing fashion designing you must be 12th pass from any stream.There are a lot of colleges that have fashion programs, but only a handful has the kind of reputation that can really push your career.In India NIFT is the best institute for doing fashion designing.

All the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
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If you are intrested in Fashion Designing then you must do it. It has a wide scope.You should take Arts, if you are not intrested in PCM or Commerce stream. As you told me you wants to do something creative then arts is a good option for you. You told me that you are not good in Economic dont worry try hard. Take coaching classes to solve the problems of economic.
Fashion designing is the most rapidly growing industry in the world.If you are talented, then success is yours.

Best of Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
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The best way of dealing such situation is to talk to HR person and supporting seniors of your company for matter related with job profile A good discussion with HR and senior will help . Do tell them your problem but be polite in entire discussion .They can tell you ways of how to solve issue of job profile . Leave your job only if you have got some better job offer . There is no point sitting in home unemployed Also keep on searching for job simultaneously through newspapers, job portals like naukri.com , monster.com, , social networking site like LINKEDIN, APNA CIRCLE , recruitment consultants. You can also send your resume to company of this field when they have requirement they will inform you . Another way is trying for PG level qualification like MBA or M.TECH , it will give better career opportunities and better career growth. You had got year of experience so change in job profile is not difficult but moving towards management become more easy if you have degree to support that .

Some of the certification courses for a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering graduate include the following.. These certification can help you improve your performance if you are lacking in some skill which can play critical role in increasing your salary .

Auto CAD
Piping – Stress Analysis
Computer Aided Manufacture
Tool Design
CNC Machining
First try for PG level qualification if possible...
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Basically , It totally depend upon your interest. If you are intrested in maths and science then you should choose PCM stream and If you are intrested in accounts portion then you should choose commerce stream. After choosing PCM stream, you can do B.Tech , IIT. And after choosing Commerce stream, you can do CA, CS or ICWAI.... ► Read more
Most of the students face this problem at your age.... But there is nothing to panic.... There are a lot many career opportunities who opts for maths with bio..... Most commonly students opt for either engineering or medical field, but career is not so limited you can also pursue with animation, game designing, mass communication, law, hotel management, fashion designing, counselling, just B.Sc. and many such other. If you are interested in Army, Navy or Air Force you can even apply for National Defense Academy...... All the fields are equally good, you just need to choose one which suits you............
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