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Model question paper on entrepreneurship development - 1 to 11 of 202 results

If someone found the RRB health and Malaria inpector exam ...
Qustion paper with answer for m.com 1st semester:
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If you want to start a business then you have to do any course related to business as well have good knowledge of accountancy.

It is advisable to do a MBA.

Best of luck ....
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Dear Shivangi,

Economics majors are successful in a wide variety of careers.

Most economics majors pursue employment in the private sector.

Some economists with BA degrees find employment as research associates with economic consulting firms. Consultants advise firms on business strategies, prepare economic evidence for court cases, and develop analyses to influence public policy.Graduates in economics succeed in many occupations.

Law school is also a common destination for recent graduates in economics. The careful reasoning in economics is a good fit for law and many careers in the law influence significant economic decisions for firms.

Some students enter government service. Governments at every level hire economists for their facility with statistics and analysis.

Some graduates in economics are interested in academic careers. They are drawn by the love of the study of economics and the prospect of teaching and writing about economics as a career.

Also you can plan for higher studies M.A. then PhD or MBA in marketing or finance.These have a good demand in market.

All the Best...
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No. Question paper printed in larger fonts is for visually impaired candidates and not for those who have normal vision with/without corrective eyewear.
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Sorry, you cant ask them for a question paper with a larger font size. The standard of question paper is same for everyone. There is no change in that. And even someone request for larger font paper they deny it. Now my point is, why you want to ask them for a larger font size paper.? It is perfectly ok, you can wear lenses/ spectacles during the examination. No one is going to ask you for this, that why are you wearing spectacles/lenses. So my advise is to carry your spectacles/lenses with you and wear them during examination.... ► Read more
The paper pattern of BITSAT 2012 is
BITSAT-2012 will be of total 3-hour duration (without break). The test consists of four parts:

Part I : Physics

Part II : Chemistry

Part III : (a) English Proficiency and (b) Logical Reasoning

Part IV : Mathematics

All questions are of objective type (multiple choice questions); each question with choice of four answers, only one being correct choice. Each correct answer fetches 3 marks, while each incorrect answer has a penalty of 1 mark (-1mark). No marks are awarded for questions not attempted. While the candidate can skip a question, the computer will not allow the candidate to choose more than one option as correct answer. There will be 150 questions in all. The number of questions in each part is as follows:


No of questions

Part I



Part II



Part III

(a) English Proficiency

(b) Logical Reasoning



Part IV





There is no time limit for individual parts of the test. The candidate can go back and change any of his/her answers among the 150 questions.

If a candidate answers all the 150 questions (without skipping any question), the candidate will have an option of attempting 12 (twelve) extra questions, if there is still time left. These extra questions will be from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics only; four questions from each part. Further, once the candidate has opted for extra questions, he cannot go back for correction of any of the earlier answered 150 questions.

The questions are so designed that a good student will be able to answer 150 questions in 180 minutes. The extra questions (a m
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The past four years CLAT question papers will be available at all the 14 National Law Universities on payment of Rs. 100/- (Rs. One Hundred Only). The question papers can also be obtained by post from National Law University, Jodhpur. Candidates must enclose a demand draft of Rs. 150/- (Rs. One Hundred Fifty Only) in favour of “National Law University, Jodhpur CLAT A/C” payable at Jodhpur (Rajasthan). Application requesting the question paper should be addressed to The Convenor, Common Law Admission Test, CLAT 2012, National Law University, Jodhpur, NH-65, Nagour Road, Mandore, Jodhpur - 342304 (Rajasthan). The application can be made on a plain piece of paper and should contain the following information - a) Name, b) Complete Postal Address including pincode, c) Contact Number(Landline and Mobile), and d) Email id.... ► Read more
Hello Dear
Web development is concerned with the functionality and the usability of the website. Since web developers are responsible for the functionality of the website, they must possess the skill and expertise of HTML. A web developer focuses on how a site works and how the customers get things done on it. Web development is used to describe any database-driven web designs using dynamic scripting languages like PHP, ASP, ASP.NET and ColdFusion. It also covers database design and development. The term can also be used for client-side scripting such as JavaScript and Java. Basic knowledge of computer is required. Also, Math is not an integral part of Web development but basic knowledge of math is always good....
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Hi, Karthik,

I think, you should go for MCA rather than MBA, as you are already doing Networking Course, and i am sure you wanted to haver career in networking field :) .

Cheers !
Pradeep Singh...
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I don't think your height should be much of a concern...see..keepin off the super model thing apart..I think you need to concentrate more on assignments...like still photo shoots to start with.

Get yourself a portfolio done from a photographer of repute ..it should cost you somewhere arnd 25-40K. Trust me ..this would pave your path to reach out to the industry..grab oppertunities at College levels...I assume u still in a college ..is it ?? ..Try making contacts and take up small assignments for still photo shoots for print advts et al..

I can further guide you to reach out to the industry in case if you find all the above mentioned convincing..there are many ways you can search, reach and send your pics for short listing ...I know of many websites that host all these as well for freshers startin to get a feel of modellin ....

Further, It's a difficult profession and takes in a lot of rigour out of you...think a lot if you really do have that within you to take all that comes...good n bad ..

Wish ya the best ..


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