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Muslim minority medical colleges maharashtra - 1 to 3 of 36 results

U can get Bhopal ( People Dental college) if you aspire to become a dentist and also into any of the medical colleges of your choice since you've got a good rank...
Hello Aditya,

Yes there is some very good medical colleges in our country.Here I am giving you the list of some top medical colleges in India.

1. All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi
Website: http://www.aiims.edu/
Website: http://www.aiims.ac.in/

2. Christian Medical College, Vellore
Website: http://cmch-vellore.edu/

3. Armed Forces Medical College, Pune
Website: www.afmcpune.com

4. JIPMER, Pondicherry
Website: http://www.jipmer.edu/

5. Lady Hardinge Medical College,New delhi

6. Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi
Website : http://mamc.ac.in/

7. Grant Medical College,Mumbai
Website : http://www.grantmedicalcollege-jjhospital.org/

8. St John's Medical College, Bangalore
Website : http://www.stjohns.in

9. Bangalore Medical College

10. Madras Medical College,Tamilnadu
Website : http://www.mmc.tn.gov.in/history.html

11. Kasturba Medical College Chennai

So these are the top medical colleges in India.

All the Best!!
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Hi Titiksha,

As discussed while chating. University of hyderabad, bangalore university, delhi university, MS Borada, Jamia Millia Islamia are some good universities for Bachelor program in Psychology.

## Psychology can be broadly defined as the study of the mind. To pursue this career, one has to have a genuine interest in people. As a science, it is a systematic approach to the understanding of people and their behaviour. As a profession, it is the application of the understanding of human behaviour to help solve human problems.

Psychologists gather information through controlled laboratory experiments, personality, performance, aptitude and intelligence tests; observation, interviews and questionnaires, clinical studies and surveys. In addition to the variety of work settings, psychologists specialize in many different areas such as social psychology, child psychology, occupational psychology, clinical psychology, educational psychology, experimental psychology, counseling psychology etc

Job prospects

The nature of work of a psychologist is influenced most by the areas of specialization in the subject. They work in a number of different settings, including universities and colleges, primary and secondary schools, government agencies, private industry, hospitals, clinics, and private practices. They are also employed in social welfare organizations, research establishments, rehabilitation centres, prisons, child/ youth guidance centres, advertising industry and in a variety of other set-ups.

Psychologist with master's degree, work under the supervision of one or more doctoral level psychologists. Those with bachelor's degree are eligible for jobs in community health centers and vocational rehabilitation and as administrative assistants.

Apart from above some other good universities are:

# University of mumbai
# Pune university
# Amity university
# Osmania university

You c
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