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Hi Grusha,

You can apply for teacher posts and government jobs. In private sector job opportunities are very less. If you get a job in this, pay will not be good. After gaining some experience you will get good pay in this sector but an engineer would be preferred over this degree.

You might go for MSc, after doing MSc. you will get good opportunities compare to BSc. If you get a job now, try for MSc after gaining some experience.

Let me know for further assistance.

All the best
Hi Tarun,

To do Btech/ BE course in genetic engineering you need to have Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology at plus two level.
Some universities offers Bsc in genetics without maths.

Most institutes do not offer courses in Genetic Engineering as a special discipline but as a subsidiary in biotechnology, microbiology, biochemistry streams. Undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Biotechnology offer specialisation in genetic engineering.

Good luck...
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Hi Alisha,

You have a lot of career options if you are good in maths.You can do masters and research work,you can teach maths.You can combine maths with economics and statistics and have a very bright career.

You can be an engineer,physiologist,mathematician,statistician ,scientist.

So it is your choice what you want to do.

You have so many options.

Best of luck....
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Hi shweta...
remember its never too late to start something.
so if u are really passionate abt anything else..then definately go for it!!
ol the best.....
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Dear Rahul,

Integrated course save the time first of all. How much the course is better it depends on that which course you are doing and from which university.So let me know that first.

Another thing is in the field of job it depends mainly on your skills & knowledge .

All the Best...
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Hi Jatin,

I would suggest you to go for a internationally recognized courses such as CFA or CMT. Some details on the courses below:
1) CFA: will help you pursue a career in fundamental analysis in stock markets
2) CMT: will help you pursue a career in technical analysis.

These courses are well recognized in industry and will help you in long term in your career.

all the best.
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Hi Vaibhav,

If you are planning to do a CS then I would suggest that you should concentrate n that and go for that only. Doing a BBA or a B.Com will obviously be not be worthless but you will for sure waste those three precious years of your. CS being a professional course does not require a graduate degree you just need to pass your 12th for that. If you want to do a BBA or B.Com then you can do it in correspondence along with your CS.

I would suggest you to do your CS directly and not go in for your graduation and then a CS with that you save a lot of time of yours as well.

Best Wishes!

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Nikunj, after PCM there are lot of career options- engineering, Biotech, Pilot, Merchant Navy, Architecture, CA, ICWA, computer science , Law,e.t.c. Don't worry this dilemma is faced by lot of students but important is tofind your interest. If you tell me your interest area then i can advise you better. You will excel in field you have interest and ability I will suggest you to take up the psychological assessment conducted by MERA CAREER GUIDE. The test will help you in knowing your real personality , interest and also in deciding career.... ► Read more
After doing your eco honors you can go in numerous fields because economists are good in all sectors of the economy. The economies of the world are growing in unison and most are growing rapidly and naturally with the increases economic activity, economists will find many more opportunities to utilize their educational qualification remuneratively. 

You can begin with government enterprises, public undertaking, banking, finance, private sectors, business journals and newspapers. Going for Indian Economics service would be an excellent option for if you want to in Indian government area Officers are recruited through examinations conducted by the Union Public Service Commission.
One needs to be a graduate and in the 21-28 age groups to be eligible for this examination The examination is held in the month of September every year. The announcement for the same is made in the month of March of the same year. The written examination has papers in English, General Studies, General Economics and Indian Economics. The written examination is followed by an interview.   

It’s up to you , if you are really interested economics then this subject is best for you to bath in the Shine  of Golden Glory!!! 
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!
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Complete your 12th properly Take up commerce after 10nth( you can take other stream too). Don't get involved in unnecessary course . If you are interested in management you can do it after graduation. There are lot of good colleges and courses available . So complete your 12th just like other students are doing . By doing course in financial market management you are just wasting time and money and you will also not getting any help in CA .

I will suggest you to visit this link for detailed and updated information regarding CA.

After 10nth you can register for common proficiency test (CPT)but can appear in exam after completing 12th. graduates are exempted from CPT test.There are no restrictions with regard to the age of the candidate or marks secured in Senior Secondary Examination.Commerce graduates with 50% marks, non-commerce graduates with subjects other than Mathematics with an aggregate of 55% marks and non-commerce graduates with Maths with an aggregate of 60% marks are exempted from the Common Proficiency Test (CPT) and are permitted to register for Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC).

Candidates who have passed the Final Examination conducted by the Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India (ICWAI) or the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) can register for Professional Competency CourseAfter passing Integrated Professional Competence Course, the candidates can register as Articled clerks for practical training and for admission to the Final course of the Chartered Accountant. Every graduate above18 years of age is eligible to register as an articled clerk/ Audit Clerks for Chartered Accountancy. Computer Training Programme is compulsory for the candidates who wish to register themselves as auditor clerk. They should under go 100 hours training in Information Technology along with IPCC....
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Hi Pankaj , Please got to course planner section of this website and from their select location, kind of course and related to which career..that would give you list of colleges and your desired courses. Let know if you face any problem !!... ► Read more

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