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Narayana e techno school 7 class iit results - 1 to 3 of 101 results

Hi renu,

Yes ! you can take coaching for IIT and other engineering exam. As far as cost of coaching is concerned. All the coaching institutes are offering 25-75 % of scholarships for good students. You can sit for their scholarship exam and clear.

Some of the best coaching are:

2. Bansal Classes
3. Narayana academy
4. Aakash Institute
5. Sri Chaitaya academy
School exam and IIt-JEE exam both are different things . Your school exam don't require that much in-depth preparation, clarity on concepts and practice even though the syllabus is almost the same . What you need to do is proper distribution of time . Depending upon your abilities distribute time among them . There are coaching institutes who help in preparation in both. You can take their help if you think you require . Prepare a study chart or time table for covering syllabus , revising them and doing them rigorously. Clear your doubts and work on your weak areas .Try to figure out which chapters need improvement and which are your best portions.Practice all NCERT problems while brushing up JEE chapters.Use separate practice paper for both IIT and Boards which will help you in preparation for both.
Be positive and also give time to relax yourselves . There is no point of getting panic. Finally it is exam ....
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HI Shera,

Well, I would suggest you take coaching to prepare for the test. Normally, IIT JEE preparation should start at leat 2 years before appearing for teh exam. nevertheless, you can make it if you have your subjects studied thoroughly.

The best thing to do would be quickly join a coaching center.

good luck!...
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