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Hi renu,

Yes ! you can take coaching for IIT and other engineering exam. As far as cost of coaching is concerned. All the coaching institutes are offering 25-75 % of scholarships for good students. You can sit for their scholarship exam and clear.

Some of the best coaching are:

2. Bansal Classes
3. Narayana academy
4. Aakash Institute
5. Sri Chaitaya academy
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School exam and IIt-JEE exam both are different things . Your school exam don't require that much in-depth preparation, clarity on concepts and practice even though the syllabus is almost the same . What you need to do is proper distribution of time . Depending upon your abilities distribute time among them . There are coaching institutes who help in preparation in both. You can take their help if you think you require . Prepare a study chart or time table for covering syllabus , revising them and doing them rigorously. Clear your doubts and work on your weak areas .Try to figure out which chapters need improvement and which are your best portions.Practice all NCERT problems while brushing up JEE chapters.Use separate practice paper for both IIT and Boards which will help you in preparation for both.
Be positive and also give time to relax yourselves . There is no point of getting panic. Finally it is exam ....
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Yes, you can apply.Anyone who had done Senior Secondary School Examination conducted by the National Institute of Open Schooling with a minimum of five subjects are eligible . Also see other criteria in terms of age, marks e.t.cGeneral (GE) and Other Backward Classes (OBC) category candidates must have been born on or after October 1, 1987. Those born earlier are not eligible to appear in IIT-JEE 2012.
Candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), and those with Physical Disability (PD) must have been born on or after October 1, 1982. SC/ST/PD candidates born before October 1, 1982 are not eligible to appear in IIT-JEE 2012.
The date of birth as recorded in the high school/first Board/Pre-University certificate will be accepted. If the certificate does not mention the date of birth, a candidate must submit along with the application, an authenticated document indicating the date of birth.

To appear in IIT-JEE 2012, a candidate must have either passed the QE for the first time, on or after October 1, 2010 or appearing for the first time in 2012. Those who are going to appear in the QE later than September 30, 2012 are not eligible to appear in IIT-JEE 2012.The year of passing the QE will be determined based on the examination he/she passed the earliest out of the qualifying examinationsCandidates belonging to GE and OBC categories must secure at least 60% marks in aggregate in QE. SC, ST and PD candidates must secure at least 55% marks in aggregate in QE.A candidate can attempt JEE maximum two times in consecutive years irrespective of whether or not he/she passed QE. Those who have attempted JEE in 2010 or earlier are NOT ELIGIBLE to appear in IIT-JEE 2012.Candidates who have taken admission (irrespective of whether or not they continued in any of the programmes) or accepted the admission by paying the registration fee at any of the IITs, IT-BHU Varanasi or ISM Dhanbad, are NOT ELIGIBLE to appear in IIT-JEE 2012....
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HI Shera,

Well, I would suggest you take coaching to prepare for the test. Normally, IIT JEE preparation should start at leat 2 years before appearing for teh exam. nevertheless, you can make it if you have your subjects studied thoroughly.

The best thing to do would be quickly join a coaching center.

good luck!...
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IIT coaching is just act as a guide to students. With the help of coaching you will not be disturbed from the goal. Preparing for IIT need a lot of hard work and dedication. Apart from coaching you have to do a lot of self study also. Coaching will help you to know what and how you have to study. So, you dont have to waste time in searching for material to study and thinking where to start from. Time is very precious. Till last min you have to study. But compulsion is never there. If one is capable of studying and managing things on own.Coaching is not required.

Best time to start coaching is your std 11th. This will give you 2 full years to prepare. Whereas if one misses that time,that doesn't cant prepare. If you want IIT...Start now!!!!

All the best...
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No it is not mandatory to finish up your 10th class examination to change you school. You can change the school in-between. It depends upon the school you are taking admission. Either it is having seats for students and it take admission in-between or not. In Central Schools you can change your school any time is your parents posted to some other state or you shifted your home. So first ask the school in which you want to take admission about their admission criteria, they do so, you can shift otherwise you have to finish your board examination.... ► Read more
CBSE board always declares its 10th class result exactly in between 24th to 28th of may, After declaration of 12th class result not , till now it has not been declared it will will be posted on its official soon.... ► Read more
Till now it has not been displayed by the board keep your self up to date on following its official website.... ► Read more
Hey Abhishek,

It is a pleasure to hear from you.
See Abhishek it is important to understand that the report is not the only means that we can judge a person’s caliber or choices. The report is showing whatever you have responded at that particular time. The report shows the top three career preferences of yours that suite you. It does not mean that you cannot opt for others; it is that if you opt for careers according to the report suggest you will achieve success early in life. But do not be dishearten with it and think so that you cannot opt for other careers it could be that you are good in them also but they are not the top three choices.
It is always preferred that a person does some research of whatever career he or she wants to opt for. You should consider the working factors that are there, what work you will have to do if you opt for that career. What courses you will have to undertake and most importantly where do you want to see yourself after 10 years down the line.
You can definitely opt for IT or Information Technology it is a very demanding career and the demand for IT professionals are always high.
You can either opt for B.Tech in Computer Science or you can opt for a BCA. Both are good courses to make a career in IT. You can opt for Science with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as your main subjects. It would be good if you opt for B.Tech as after BCA you will have to do an MCA to get a good job.
I would be in a better position to answer to you if you could share your report with me.
Hope this is of help to you. You can write back to me if you have any other doubts that you want to clear.

Best Wishes!
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The rank for techno india ,saltlake Kolkata is between 1400 ---2990. It differs every year. It is a fairly good college.
Other good colleges in WB are listed below with the approx opening and closing rank in computer science branch.

# Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Jadavpur University
Rank 18--167

# Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur, Howrah.
Rank 232--606

# University Institute of Technology, Burdwan University
Rank 2734--9375

# West Bengal University of Technology, Kolkata
Rank 1934--4101

# Jalpaiguri Govt. Engineering College, Jalpaiguri.
Rank 1992--2999

# Kalyani Govt. Engineering College, Kalyani.
Rank 935--1500

# Govt. College of Engineering & Textile Technology, Serampur, Hooghly
Rank 1971--3334

# Govt. College of Engineering & Textile Technology, Berhampur,
Rank 3444--6142

# Murshidabad College of Engineering & Technology, Murshidabad
Rank 9007--22116

# College of Engineering & Management, Kolaghat
Rank 2863--8489

The rank is up and down every year....
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