NIOS Delhi Board solved question papers & guides for 12th std. - 1 to 11 of 1292 results

# Improvement Exams takes place next year in march and results will be declared in may.Means you get a whole year to prepare for the improvement exam.

# We can appear for improvement exam for any one or all of the passing subjects and not in the subjects in which they have been declared fail.

# We have to submit a fee of Rs.200 per subject to the CBSE Board.

# Forms will be released by CBSE from august till october and can be collected from School or CBSE Regional office.

# Students may appear in the failing subject(Sixth subject) at the Compartment Examination to be held in July/August the same year.

# Candidates who appear for improvement of performance will be issued only Statement of Marks reflecting the marks of the improvement examination.

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Qustion paper with answer for 1st semester:
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Dear Friend!

The Board of Studies of ICAI grants various Scholarships to students, namely,
1) Merit,
2) Merit-cum-Need based and
3) Need-based scholarships
out of the funds of the Institute and

4) Endowment Schemes created by Individual donors/Trusts/Societies.

Various scholarships are awarded twice in a year i.e. in the month of April and October every year. Generally its announcements are released in the Students Newsletter “Chartered Accountant Student’. The students are required to apply in prescribed Scholarship Application Form· .

For more info refer following link:

Best Regards
Mayank Chopra
CA, B.Com(H)

Stay Happy & Bright :)
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These kinds of confusions are  very  common at your age ,so you don’t need to worry at all.

You can choose your field on the basis of your interest like  if you think you can easily convenience others , good communication skill and influence others then you can go for commerce area .And if you are good in Maths and statistics then you can choose areas related to math  or if you think you are interested in solving social problems then you can go for arts area.

There are some other traits also which are imp. to determine that  which field should be suitable for you like your skills, aptitude and ability .You can take some psychometric tests which are designed by “”.these tests would be helpful for you to take right decision.

Good luck!!!...
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If u drop, there would be no effect on your career later but you will feel a little backward with your colleagues who are not dropping this year.
I would suggest you not to drop this year and take admission in any good engineering college approved by AICTE.
If you want any further information regarding which college to choose or which branch to opt for, just feel free to contact me anytime.

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If you are in CBSE then I will recommend to follow the NCERT books for all the subjects because maximum question comes straight way from the NCERT book..... Also follow a good reference book and also whose language is easy for you to understand.... Coaching center is better than individual tutor, and also follow the notes given from the coaching center.... With the academics part you must also have a good hold on the entrance part.... So select a coaching center which covers both academics as well as entrance part, so that you don't have to spend extra time for entrance part....
....ALL THE BEST.......
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Hi mohit,

Photography offers a number of opportunities and the range of the fields that you can venture into.To be a photographer, you have to have both creativity and technical knowledge. You must have that extra quality and interest in visuals, colour, light etc.

Photographers can specialize in areas such as portrait, commercial and industrial, advertising, scientific, fashion, news, wildlife photography etc. They have the option to either take up jobs with news papers, magazines, advertising agencies, government agencies, industrial houses or work as free lancers.

Photography colleges:

Utkal University, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa
Pune University, Fergusson College, Poona
Osmania university,hyderabad
Surabhi Educational Society - Madhapur, Andhra Pradesh
International institute of photography,delhi

all the best...
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Go for psychology assessment test if you are not able to find your own interest on your own. It will help in deciding your interest and career .This is the link where you need to go ► Read more
Hi Vinod,

Here is information about study center near Andheri (Mumbai).

St.Dominic Savio High School
Andheri (East),Mahakali Road,Mumbai
Maharashtra , 400093
022-28362633 , 28370564 , 28321122/28302424
E-Mail : falissu @ rediffmail. com

Cheers !
Pradeep Singh

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We all are waiting for "Delhi Educational Institutions (Reservation in admission) Bill, 2009" to come to an Act.

Hard Luck !...
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A good book for those want to enter journalism and mass comm profession..How to Become a Good Journalist (Author: Raza Elahi); Price: Rs 250 (hardbind); Rs 75 (paper back) Publisher: Atlantic Publisher, Delhi. To Buy: E-mail at (cash on delivery). The book can also be ordered through ; ► Read more

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