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Nri general hospital, mangalagiri phone numbers - 1 to 11 of 95 results

No.. a diploma is not a masters degree or a postgraduate degree...
always good to go for masters..what graduate degree do you hold?
it depends on that too......
Check out www.biointelligence.in .it provides Project Trainings,Short Term Trainings,Subject Oriented Classes,Educational Counselling,Biointelligence Network,Scientific Events ,Publications in bioinformatics and allied fields.for more inofrmation please contact email: [email protected] phone no: +91-731-420-2793, 326-0679
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Dear Atul,

There are many few colleges in India which offers the course in Hospital Management.

CREMA is one among them which has a good accredited course.


But I fear that hospital management can only be pursued by students of lifesciences and Bio background.

There is no scope of admission for students in commerce.

All the Best

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My son issubmission  of  cs foundation  form date 15.4.2012 at nagpur office name is vinay n marodkar. pl send me registration number of this ... ► Read more

Following Colleges in Hyderabad offers Degree in Chemical Engineering.
1. Chaitanaya Bharati Institute of Technology
2. JNTU College of Engineering
3. M Jah College of Engineering and Technology
4. Maturi Venkata Subba Rao (MVSR) Engineering College
5. University College of Engineering, Osmania University
6. Vasvi College of Engineering

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It all depends where you want to begin your career with. Legal matters are inland and are territorial in nature. In case if you've already planned CS, would suggest you to go ahead with a LLB in india...so as to get a sync of what you reeping in thro' your CS studies. Getting yourself into different kinda laws for a same issue ( in case you opt for CS and International LLB ) wouldn't yield much and won't get you an edge either.

CS is a bright option and tagged along with LLB ( even from a moderately reputed college/univ. ) makes you tall in your career stand point. However, it requires a lot of rigour to get what you want out of it. You may also consider doin Masters in Business Laws moving ahead with career and get yourself recognized.

Wish you da best..good to see you concerned early in your career and trying to get an oversight of things in future.

Cheers...Amay //...
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You should have minimum 45% marks in your 10+2 examinations for joining General Nursing and Midwifery course. The duration is 3 and 1/2 years.

There are specializations in nursing career also. Some are listed below

Nursing Superintendent (NS), Assistant Nursing Superintendent (ANS) Nurse case manager, Nursing in Charge, Clinical Nurse, Nurse Administrator, Nurse anaesthetist, Nurse Educator, AID’s Care Nurse, Genetics Nurse, Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse, Intravenous Therapy Nurse, Occupational Health Nurse, Correctional Nurse, Nephrology Nurse, Neuroscience Nurse, Trauma nurse, Forensic nurse, Flight Nurse, Holistic Nurse, Military nurse etc.
So you can take up nursing as a career
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Bhar me jao

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Here are the list of colleges that provide hospitality management :-

(1) Institute of Hotel & Tourism Management
Location : Pune, Maharashtra, India

(2) Metropolitan Institute and Colleges
Location : Pune, Maharashtra, India

(3) S P More Dnyanam Annam Foundation, Mumbai
Location : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

(4) SPM Institute of Business Studies
Location : Maharashtra, India

(5) Tilak Maharashtra University
Location : Pune, Maharashtra, India

(6) Bhavan's Centre for Inter-Disciplinary Studies (BCIDS) u/a/g S P Jain Institute of Management & Research
Location : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

(7) Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research
Location : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

All the best................
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If you are doing M.Pharm in Pharmacology then you have bright future in Pharma Industry where preclinical as well as clinical departments are existing. Expected salary would be initialy 2.5 L annualy depending upon the company.... ► Read more

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