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Dear Concern!

Here i would like to correct Ms.Kareena.

General Management & Communication Skills is generally known as GMCS.

It is done after:
1) clearing your IPCC & 

2) after completion of 2 years of articleship training

Further details are as follows:

2) It is 15 days full time course organised at regional councils & branches if ICAI

3) Course fees is Rs.4000/- as of now.

4) It is basically to enhance our personality, communication skills, interpersonal skills, confidence, leadership skills, soft skills

5) Its platform to have a personal interaction peers & senior professionals.

6) They give proper guidance about how to give interviews.

Hope it will be useful to you. Should you need any further clarification, pls feel free to be in touch with me.

Best Regars
Mayank Chopra
ACA, B.Com(H)

Stay Happy & Bright
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There are many options open for you after B.A. Pass course.
1) You can do Masters
2) You can join any computer course
3) You can give the civil service examination
4) You can opt for MBA
5) You can do BEd
6) You can do a course on fashion designing if you are creative.
7)You can do a course on animation.
8)You can also do a LLB course.
9) You can do hotel management course.
10)You can do Camera & Lighting Courses.
11)Diploma in Filmmaking & Digital Video Production.
12)Diploma in journalism and mass communication.
13) Courses for Air Hostess/Flight steward.
14)Advance Diploma and Degree in Jewellery Design.
15) Statistical and auditing courses.

Best of luck....
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Hi Prerna,

It would be difficult for me to tell what is the best course is for you, without knowing your strengths, your weaknesses, interest, abilities and your aptitude. But if you want me to advice you on your career then you should first list down all the above mentioned and then decide on a career. You can even take the help of a Psychometric Assessment that will guide you for the same. For that you can follow the link below:


Best Wishes!
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It is difficult to take name of all engineering options . Also with changing technology one more engineering field will be added . For example when our parents were students biotechnology or nanotechnology were not there. But now it there and good number of students take admission in it . Instead of thinking about engineering options find your interest - hardware, software, interested in branches of physics e.t.c. Tell your interest to counsellor or counsellor can take test to know your interest which will help you in making career decision . Also keep reading about different options, discuss with friends, teachers e.t.c. Also First thing is to prepare for engineering exams - IIT-JEE, AIEEE .If you scored well in them then you can get good colleges and at the end of completing course you can have a good job . I will advise you not to think too much about what option in engineering you should take up because if you don't go away by donation way then your engineering option will be decided by your score. You will be called for counselling at the time of admission . You will be told about different option but that is maximum 2 to 3 . At that time give us a mail .because from that few option available i can help you in selecting by explaining about different options to you .At that time we can discuss about your interest and then try to see which engineering option from the available one will go according to your interest.It will be also easy for you and us to explain about different options. You are thinking of second stage without completing the first stage . There are certain people who are very clear what they want to do in engineering but even they have to prepare for exams . So why to worry . At the most you can tell me your interest , read about different option in newspaper that can help you in deciding . If you are not still sure about certain engineering option then you can ask me about that option.Feel free to ask further question .... ► Read more
Hi shruti,

According to your stream you can go for CA/CS exam, Bank jobs, Back office -operations jobs in BPO, Accounts job, you can go for school teaching. You can prepare for NET exam and start as a lecturer in university. You can pursue specialization diploma in your area of interest i.e HR,Finance, banking, retail management etc to be more specific about your job.

# Presently number of bank job opening are there. If you are interested , reply i will provide you with the links of banks.

all the best...
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Hi Pritish,

Please give us more detail about yourself, What you doing at present , What are your interest and abilities.

You can even try to take this test to find more about yourself:

Take Assessment Test...
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You can actually go ahead with doing MS or some related Masters degree. First you should make up your main as to whether you are willing to study more which will provide you with a good salary and package more easily and in a lesser span of time . However if you are rightaway looking for a job then things would be a little different where climbing the ladder will take a little longer and may have a wavy graph as far as the money factor is concerned.... ► Read more
Hi danish,

You can write with your query.

Write back...
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