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Ojee 2013 rank card view - 89 to 99 of 459 results

Apart from National Institute of Technology, Warangal Andhra Pradesh, you can apply for any of the colleges comes under AIEEE. According to your rank you can go for DTU. You will get any branch in DTU. Apart from that you might get admission in NIT Warangal (in second counselling), but its hard to say that you will get the desire branch. So prepare a list of colleges you want to consider for admission and the course in that college and apply for that during online counselling of AIEEE....
The rank is too far away to secure a government college or to get a admission in NITs in general category. But if you have a quota like SC/ST/OBC-NCL/PH then you keep an eye on state level colleges under AIEEE or NITs. In that case you may get a college.
Other then that you can check with
MDU, Haryana
or Sharda University, UP

even you can apply for State University like PTU, RTU. You need to fill a separate form for these universities....
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First of all I would like to congratulate you for qualifying the AIEEE exam. it is one of the most important exam with respect to engineering. Every year almost 10-12 lakh students sit for this exam and very few of them qualify and you are out of those few.

With a rank beyond 1 lakh it would be extremely difficult for you to get a government college. You will have to get a rank somewhere around 10,000 to get a good government college.

I would say you still need not worry and apply in some private colleges like Amity, Sharda University, Galgotia University, JP University etc…. where you will be able to get admissions easily.

Best Wishes!
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There is a huge difference between within one lakh and somewhere around one lakh. Within one lakh can be 2000, 20000 or even 99999. So lets consider you'll get somewhere around one lakh. As DTU reserve 85% of seat for student of Delhi so there is a very tough competition in case of Out Side Delhi candidate. Also it has been seen that student scoring rank under 10,000 gets the admission into DTU (Gen category). So to you, there is no chance of getting admission in DTU from general category. If you belong to some other category, then there could be a chance but you may not able to get the desire stream.... ► Read more
How much is your question? Your aim must be to score maximum marks and minimum rank. To get into topmost NIT your rank must be under 1500 (but in case you want the desire stream you must secure rank under 500). Other than that, if you want to get into any of the NIT then you must score approximately 200+ marks. Other than this, there are approximately 34,000 seat under AIEEE so if you get a rank under 38 to 40 thousand, you'll get a seat from into AIEEE.... ► Read more

First of all I would like to congratulate you for qualifying the AIEEE exam. it is one of the most important exam with respect to engineering. Every year almost 10-12 lakh students sit for this exam and very few of them qualify and you are out of those few.

There are a number of colleges that participate in the AIEEE counseling, they are mostly government colleges. Though with 2 lakh rank it would be very difficult for you to secure a seat in some government college but I am pretty sure that you will get through some private colleges.

Colleges like Sharda University, Amity University, Galgotia University, Lovely Professional University, Graphic Era University, Dehradun Technological University etc…….. will definitely give you admission.

So I would suggest you to apply in these universities if you think that you will score somewhere around lakh in AIEEE.

Best Wishes!

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Hard to say. You have to wait for second or third conselling. And even its hard to say that you'll get seat from those conselling. But other than those college there are some other good colleges which consider AIEEE score. You may need to fill there form separately like for Anna University, VIT, MDU, KU etc. Make your preference list. Count the number of good colleges you'll get in this rank. Apply for the other University (those who consider AIEEE score). You will get a good college. The rank is not bad, but we have accept that the competition goes high every year.... ► Read more
Its hard to say that you'll get any government college from AIEEE. But in this rank you can apply for colleges under KU (Kurukshetra University) or MDU (Maharshi Dayanand University) or other colleges which consider AIEEE ranking. Also i will suggest you to check for the State level entrance examination result (like UPTU, KU, RTU, PTU etc) if you have participated in that. May be you can get a better college from that examination. Apart from that even if you couldn't get a good college or desire stream of your choice you can take a drop, and prepare for next year examination.... ► Read more
Its very hard to say that you'll get any college. As there are approximately 34,000 seats available under AIEEE examination which could be allotted to at last 80,000 rank or near by (According to 2011 cutoff list). Other then that, the category plays an important role. If you are from general category there are no chance you are getting seat into any of the good college under AIEEE. But if you are belonging to any category and you said 4lakh is your AIR then you might get a seat. Other than colleges under AIEEE, some other college also consider AIEEE. Most of the colleges under MDU (Maharshi Dayanand University), UPTU (Uttarpardesh Technical University) etc consider AIEEE score. So research on these universities and get the best of what you deserve.... ► Read more
Visit ccb.nic.in for opening and closing ranks of all NIT Colleges.... ► Read more
Visit website of CCB for opening and closing ranks... ► Read more

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