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I am a mechanical engineer and presently working as a maintenance engineerin auto mobile sector from last 1 years 6 month .

I want to some pg diploma course from best university in india .

so ,please advice better grouth pg diploma courses and university for distance education....
Dear Sir/Madam,

Thanks for your Query.
Yuo can pursue your MBA into "Design Management" through Distance Learning within minimum of 1 Years time with International Recognitions.

For more details on course, kindly visit or you can contact us on 09029966116

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Hi friend
1.Industrial Safety Engineering
Materials Management
3.Oil and Gas Management
Production Management
above said are the main streams in MBA that suites a mechanical engineer well.But it is always advisable to do MBA after gaining some work experience because MBA graduates with work experience is getting warm acceptance in industries.Even you can do an Online MBA that lets you to work full time and attend online classes up to your convenience.But you must be careful in selecting the quality Online MBA program.NIBM Global is one quality institute which i know personally .NIBM is one of the leading institute in India to provide quality Online MBA programs.They provide internationally accepted 1yr executive MBA for professionals,2 yr online MBA also.They have online MBA programs affiliated with Bharathiar university which is AICTE,UGC,DEC approved.Syllabus of NIBM EMBA meets international standards.for more details send your queries to or visit their website
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Try for distance level program when you are already working or have some previous qualification. At this stage of career a regular B. TECH program will be more beneficial. There is more scope of learning and a good job from a regular B.TECH program rather than a distance level program in B.TECH If you have some personal issues troubling you then give us a reply so that we can solve it and mabetter career decision . A good career decision go long way in building a better career and also life. but if you are asking then my suggestion will be - KSOU is better option than RVD. KSOU is much better name in the field of distance education compared to RVD. Feel free to ask further question.... ► Read more
First thing what is your interest - Take up that job where you are interested . In you are able to deliver result then sky is limit . You will find career opportunities in both the fields. Get to know fully what you will be doing in company once you take up any one profile. Its like people prefer MBA and engineering over other option but after doing course they get to know that this field was not for them , they find it boring , they are not able to give results. So think about your interset and abilities and take up that field . Make your interest and abilities as criteria for selecting the career option .

Metallurgists are employed in foundries, heat treatment shops, rolling mills, etc. industries. They are also employed in research laboratories, industries and plants extracting and processing metals like iron and steel, nickel, tin, copper, zinc, aluminum and brass etc. Tata Iron and Steel Company at Jamshedpur and steel plants of Durgapur, Bhillai, Rourkela and Bokaro also employ them.

Feel free to ask further question...
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Mechanical engineering is an evergreen option . In mechanical there are lot of area in which you can enter and make career . Research and Development (R&D) , Design , Production , Analysis and testing , Installation , Maintenance are different area in mechanical engineering where you can enter . Engineers whose role is to do research and then plan for new machines and their constituent part (R&D). Professionals whose responsibility is to draft technical drawings, manually or with the aid of computers.(Design).Engineers who supervise the manufacturing of mechanical components and machines.(Production). Engineers who analyse and test different types of machines and their parts to ensure that they function flawlessly ( Analysis and testing ) Professionals who install machines and mechanical parts at the client location if you enter in installation department ..Engineers whose primary role is to ensure that machinery is working as per specifications if you enter in maintenance department .

So analyse your interest and then take up that area in mechanical engineering that is according to your interest and abilities . As they are part of mechanical engineering you will have lot of opportunities . Mechanical engineers find job opportunities in automobiles, space research, aeronautical, energy and utilities, air conditioning, bio-mechanical industry manufacturing plants, refrigeration industry, turbine manufacturing plants, oil and gas exploration and refining industries and the agricultural sector.
In the government sector, mechanical engineers can provide their knowledge to various government run projects in the role of technical experts and consultants. They can also work in private engineering companies that provide technical consultancy to both government and corporate firms.

Feel free to ask further question ....
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Hi Shellya ,

You must undertake the Psychometric Career Assessment test to identify careers that matches your interest, ability and personality. It will also help you to know your strengths and weaknesses. Then decide on further education and career path.

Sumit Basu
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You yourself are admitting that you are not technical person then why you are still trying to go in the field of civil / architecture . As it will require you to grasp lot of technical concepts. In mechanical engineering you do learn design work (Professionals whose responsibility is to draft technical drawings, manually or with the aid of computers.). So you would be knowing about your abilities and interest . You might be interested in civil or architecture but what about your abilities. Finally you have to perform and deliver result. I will suggest you first find what is your interest is and also see your abilities. Then decide on one career option .

You can switch to management sector after getting an MBA degree easily . Do it from good college so that getting placed does not become difficult. With your MBA degree you can find better job in your IT company ( where you are currently working) itself.

It is always good if you get placed from college. When you have just passed out from college , you don' have experience on basis of which you can get job and there are very less chances that you know people who can help you in finding job . So campus placement is the best way to get job . Apart from that if there is scope for MBA people in your company then after completing studies you can easily have better job in your IT company ....
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Defenitely age is an issue but there are vacancies where upper age limit is 27 years . I am giving you this link please visit this ,
for getting detail information about eligibility criteria and other information .

There is separate section for engineers. You have not mentioned your gender. Men have more opportunities than women . There is SHORT SERVICE COMMISSION TECHNICAL WOMEN in case on engineers for which upper age limit is 27 years. In case of men engineers are recruited in three category- UES ( Pre final year) , TGC engineers , SS (tech ) . IN case of TGC and SS upper age limit is 27 year where you can apply .

You can also check out aeronautical (mechanical ) option , University Entry Scheme ( UES) Permanent Commission ( For Men only) for which upper age limit is 28 year .in Indian Air Force .
All the candidates should have studied at least eight subjects out of the list of eighteen subjects mentioned below while pusuing any one of the above mentioned qualifications:if you want to try for aeronautics ( mechanical ) .

For further information detail please visit the link....
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At master level there are lot of area where you can specialise . Some of them are mechatronics, Robotics , Aerodynamics , Industrial Engineering , Computer aided designing , Production Engineering , Refrigeration and air conditioning , Metallurgical Engineering , Thermal Engineering , Manufacturing Engineering e.t.c . There are still many other option which i have not mentioned .

What kind of job opportunities will be dependent upon your subject of specialisation. That you need to decide first . After completing master getting in company , teaching or research all become easy . As you are preparing for master level program please prepare for GATE so that you get in good college and later find job easily .

Getting good job at the time of placement will be dependent on your college repute, your performance in interview , your academic record and also on company e.t.c. So there are lot of factors behind it. In future your performance in company, networking all will matter in further career growth. As a fresher it is always good if you get placed from college. When you have just passed out from college , you don' have experience on basis of which you can get job and there are very less chances that you know people who can help you in finding job . So campus placement is the best way for fresher to get job . . You can also take help of company personnel where you have done some project or internship.Make a good resume and try to network with people in this field. Alumni network of college are the best option ....
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At this stage getting PG will defenitely boost your career . MBA ( HR) is right way to do this if that is your interest . As the name suggest HR that is human resource every company has HR department irrespective of company and the sector in which it is operating . People working in this field has to recruit employees , train them , complete the requirement of labour laws , conduct performance appraisal actually you have to be part of every program and policies that deal with employees. Every company want to recruit and retain best employees and the work has to be done by HR. So you can understand that HR is integral part of company and in making policies as every policies and program have direct or indirect impact on employees. After this degree you can find job in company working in any sector as HR department is necessary in every company. So there is immense opportunities .

Actually You can become full fledged trainer after MBA in HR as training is important function of HR . But defenitely you will need experience . You can do part time or full time MBA . What you need to do is to see from which college you are getting degree. If college have good placement record then go for full time program . If college don't have good record then do part time and then keep on trying for job . Once you get better job leave your present job of trainer .

If teaching is area where you want to make career as you are currently working in college then there is not much problem in doing part time or full time. Actually then i will suggest you to go for full time program and then trying for teaching. There are lot of vacancies. Get enrolled in PHD so you can easily get teaching job.

Feel free to ask further question....
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