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Hi Namita !!!
Before talking about the best option between PAU & Thapar University, I hope that you have researched well about the various career options open for you after completing degree in MSc Chemistry. If not, I would want to brief you about some of those options.
1) Teaching:
a) Teaching is a good option after getting postgraduate degree in basic sciences like chemistry. Private institutes preparing students for IIT/MBBS entrances hire students with PG degree at starting salary of Rs 15000- 25000.
b) There are lots of colleges who are offering jobs to fresh graduates (if you clear net it will be added advantage)
c) Govt jobs are also there but that needs extra degree of B.Ed.
2) Pharmaceutical companies are also a option if you are good in analysis and have a good practical hand.
3) Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) also hires MSc chemistry for different positions. So you keep yourself updated on that front.
4) Paint industry is another domain which offers opportunities for you.
5) Research: If you are interested in research you have two options.
a) Firstly, you can prepare for NET-JRF and apply for different IIT and many other good institutions like IISERS,IITs,CSIR labs.
b) You can appear for GRE and apply for different universities in abroad.
NOW coming to your question which one is better:- PAU or Thapar??
PAU is government institution and has a well established Department of Chemistry since 1965 . I think you will get more exposure in terms of faculty and research. One important point for consideration (may or may not be in your case) is that fees structure will be more reasonable in this institution. You can research and talk to the students of the institution for more information.
Follow the link:-
On the other hand in Thapar university, I could not find any department for chemistry.
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Hi dear, there are many good concerns where u can place your resume and a dvd of your work. following are few names
Crest, GreenGold, NIIT, NDTV,MAAC, PrimeFocus, Prana etc.
Pls check what type of work u can do, r u good in 2d animation or 3d animation, 3d animators can try in all film production houses, TV channels etc. 2d animators can look for jobs in e learning companies and 2d animation production companies like Greengold.
Best of lick!
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When you get good qualification in any sector you can get better job in the related field. first of all you have to tell your qualification then i will tell you which option is better for you for good career. Good qualification helps you get a good job.... ► Read more
When you get good qualification in any sector you can get better job in the related field. first of all you have to tell your qualification then i will tell you which option is better for you for good career. Good qualification helps you get a good job.... ► Read more
There are not so much jobs after in India.You have get more degree for good jobs. You can do MBA in any stream. You can also do Chartered accountancy or Company Secretary. The scope of these courses are become wider.If you apply in BPO firms if you are ready for 24 X 7 jobs.... ► Read more
For getting a good job in the field of computer science.without doing graduation in computer.
firstly you can go with the course of web designer,developer etc. completed one of the them courses then apply in the companies
then you will definitly got the job which you want in the field of computer science.

all the best...
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You have decent qualification to get a good job . And don't worry that you have failed in interview. Pat failures does not mean that you will not succeed in future. Look it is good that you know where you are failing and that is HR round .As you had already had past experiences of giving interviews now it is time to work on where you are going wrong . See where you are committing mistakes and work on to improve it . Generally the HR round test you on your personality , confidence, communication skill, how good you will be as team player e.t.c It is not your knowledge of subject that is assesed but it is assessment of your personality. For example if you had good knowledge of subject but you can express with confidence then there is no use of that. So prepare for HR interview by working on your personality like - communication skill, confidence, be properly dressed for interview, be confident but not arrogant e.t.c. You know what kind of questions are asked so you can prepare them in advance. You can take help of teachers/ friends who can help you in preparation in advance . Another thing if you don't get selected for longer period of time then prepare for further studies like M.TECH/ MBA so that you don't need to sit for unemployed. Actually interview preparation and preparation for further studies should be done simultaneously . Whatever happen first go for it. Feel free to ask for further question... ► Read more
Freshers can search jobs in studios, production houses, ad agencies and content development companies, following are few co.
Animation Film Companies: Pentamedia Graphics, Toonz Animation India, UTV Toonz, Heart Entertainment, Jadoo Works, Greengold, admalaya Telefilms etc.
IT companies: Accenture, NIIT, Genpact, Intera, Pixelsenses etc..
Film Production studios: Prime Focus, Prana, UTV, Crest.
T.V. Channels: Doordarshan, Times, NDTV, Zee T.V., AjTak, IBN7, Star, National Geographic etc.
Studios: Rhythm & Hues etc.
Education Sector: Jamia Milia Islamia, NID, Arena multimedia etc.
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In Delhi there are many TV channels Like NDTV, Ajtak, Sadhana channel, Star TV, IBN7 etc. having there graphics division where the require animators to create animations for ther programmes.
You can also apply in IT sectors companies like NIIT, Genpact etc where they have projects on content developments, lots of graphics and animation is involved in such projects.
you can also try in animation and ad film making studios like Crest, Pixelsenses etc....
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There are few very good studios where you can find animation jobs as they are doing visual effects for Indian as well as Hollywood films, few names are akshay_kothari is on a distinguished road

Animation and VFX Studios in (Mumbai)

1. Applause Entertainment. - [URL=""]

2. Pixion - [URL=""]

3. Prana - [URL=""]

4. Rhythm n hues. - [URL=""]

5. Prime Focus. - [URL=""]

6. Crest - [URL=""]

7. Fx Factory - [URL=""]

8. Mel. - [URL=""]

9. Tata Elexi [URL=""] - Mumbai

10. UTV Toonz. - [URL=""]

Good Luck!...
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