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Placements at thapar - 100 to 110 of 174 results

It is good option. It provides you good placement .The Master of International Business is a postgraduate degree designed to develop the capabilities and resources of managers in the global economy. It is ideal for those seeking to establish or accelerate a career in international business.
Here is a List of Top Universities in UK
University of Cambridge
University College London
Imperial College London
University of Oxford
The University of Edinburgh
King's College London

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For better grip on subject you need to work hard on concepts . You can also go for further studies like M.TECH . You can also take up some short term course to upgrade your skill and knowledge if you think you are lacking in certain area . Specialisations or options in the M.Tech. course include embedded systems, power electronics and drives, power systems, electrical machines, control and instrumentation, applied electronics, embedded systems,, nano medical sciences, remote sensing and geo-information systems VLSI design, bioinformatics, nanotechnology, digital systems and communication,, digital signal processing, cyber security, robotics, and software engineering. Master of Design (M.Des), MBA, and MS information technology courses and postgraduate diploma programmes in industrial management and system software development are other options.
For placement -.Make a good resume and try to network with people in this field. You can also contact your alumni network for placement . You can search job through newspapers, job portals like naukri.com , monster.com, fresherworld.com, social networking site like LINKEDIN, APNA CIRCLE , recruitment consultants .You can also send your resume to company of this field especially where you have done some project or internship Actually you are still in final year so you can with the help of your teacher can make placement cell and contact companies for placement especially companies where .your alumni are working . Almost all the colleges have placement cell who work for placement of students .Work on things that you have learnt in your college , be confident, work on your communication skill , also on day of interview be prepared with necessary documents, and be properly dressed. See where you are lacking and work on it. Be flexible in terms of salary , relocation , work timing e.t.c. It will increase your chance of getting job . Emphasize on chance of learning that you will get in company . At the end of inte
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After having diploma in electrical engineering , you can pursue courses like PLC course, Circuit Designing Course, Chip technology course etc.

All these courses provides you good opportunities in this field.

All the best..............
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Yes, you have a good qualification, but for better job opportunities, it is good for you to do something more. You should do emba(executive MBA). It provides you good opportunities in future.The Executive MBA, commonly referred to as the EMBA, is designed specifically to enhance the careers of both working business professionals, managers and executives. The EMBA is usually geared towards professionals who are looking to update the general management skills and prepare themselves for career advancement opportunities.... ► Read more

SAP from India is a good option for you. SAP certification course plays a very vital role in today's market. ERP systems cover all core functions of an enterprise, regardless of the organization's business or charter. These systems can now be found in non-manufacturing businesses, non-profit organizations and government sector. SAP engineer can earn Rs. 50,000 and above.

List of Institutes for SAP Training Courses in India:
1. INFINITI Consulting, Hyderabad.
2. Path Reminder Software Solutions, Hyderabad.
3. Soft Learn Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad.
4. Sky Info Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
5. Unisoft India.

All the best...............
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No gap doesn't matter in placement the only thing which matter is your skill and your knowledge.try to work hard in your entrance exam and if u get a nice rank then u will get a good seat in a good college.

Best of Luck...........
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Yes, you can get good placement. Placement in a good company does not depend on marks of academic education. It totally depends upon your ability and your knowledge. You are doing Master of Financial Management. It is beneficiary for the people who are currently employed and want to train themselves on the theoretical and practical aspects of management in order to reach the higher rungs at the workplace through a sound base in Financial Management and Techniques.

Best of Luck...........
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If you're looking for teaching career and you're a BTech graduate, it would be best for you to start preparing for the GATE CS exam http://www.gatecs2012.com provides some more information GATE CS exam.... ► Read more
RWTH Aachen University is the best university in Germany for Automotive Engineering.
Duration = 24 months.
Fee = € 7,400

The programme Master of Science in Automotive Engineering focuses on all disciplines within Automotive Systems Engineering, including conception, development, design and construction and the manufacturing process of vehicles.
A candidate should have a recognised first degree (Bachelor of Science or Engineering) in Mechanical Engineering or a related discipline, such as Automotive, Aerospace or Energy Engineering, Manufacturing, Industrial or Production Engineering, award.

Best of Luck.............
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Hotel management is a professional course after that you can easily get job. Don't worry about advanced studies. At least work for 1 year. If you are not able to work then go for advanced study. This 1 year experience will help you in study, it is not going to create any problem. After working for 1 year you can also assess your capacity that you were good with job or you require to do further study. It will also help you in finding the specific area where you need to do course. Anyway i am giving you course option after completing your graduation - PG courses like- Master of Business Administration in Hotel Management
Master of Business Administration in Hotel Management, Tourism and Catering Technology
Master of Business Administration in Tourism and Hotel Management
Master of Philosophy in Tourism and Hotel Management
Master of Science in Hospitality and Hotel Administration
Master of Science in Hotel and Catering Management
Master of Science in Hotel Management
Master of Science in Hotel Management, Catering and Tourism
Master in Science in Tourism
Master of Hotel Management

Advanced Diploma in Food Processing and Preservation
Advance Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management
Advance Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management
Advanced Diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management
Diploma in Accommodation Operations and Services
Diploma in Bar and Beverage Management
Diploma in Catering Assistant
Diploma in Catering Management
Diploma in Food and Beverage Service
Diploma in Food and Beverage Management
Diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts

The list is endless

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Did you try to find job in other company if your company don't give you the required change because mechanical engineers are always in demand in both govt and private sector. Be updated about vacancy through job portal, recruitment consultancy, newspaper, social networking sites like APNA CIRCLE and LINKEDIN. Build contacts with alumni of your colleges who are working in this field. They might give you job of your choice in their. company You can definitely go for M.TECh. but this time make sure to go in job that according to your interest. Don't repeat the mistake.... ► Read more

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