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Hello Neha,

Economics is an alluring career that holds a lot of promise more so as the profession is changing, owing to liberalization and e-commerce.After graduation you can go for Post graduation and then you can do M Phil/Ph D in Developement studies with major emphasis on Economics. Alternately, you can specialize in a branch like Business or Agricultural Economics,Financial Economics,Labour Economics,Industrial Economics,International Economics etc
Another option is is to do Master of Business Economics (MBE).Business Economics is fast catching up as a separate career.Business economics deals with the analysis of the behaviour of firms in markets and industries and with determination of costs and prices.

There is also an another choice.Securing a Government job is still a matter of pride for many. After the completion of your graduation you can appear for Indian Economic Service (IES) .IES is the gateway to a challenging career in which selected candidates join the service as Group-A officers.

ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Hi Jhanvi,

Political Science graduate have large opportunities in social reengineering process in india, however merely graduate in political science would not make huge difference, you should either go for LLB or MA (Socialogy) or other such specialised courses, we (india) is fighting with so many social problems, and you can have a chance to work closely for those who actually need upliftment in life, so many coprorate people are leaving their cushy jobs and joining NGOs, you can also select civil services as your career option and political science can help you there too.

At some point of time, you need to listen to your soul,

Good Luck !...
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Political science is a very broad field which incorporates the study of historical and modern political systems, governmental policies and procedures, international relations, and public affairs. There are many different political science careers available for knowledgeable, analytical professionals in government organizations, law offices, research institutions, and universities, among other settings. The most common political science careers include policy and survey analysts, journalists, political advisers, attorneys, and judges.

Many graduates of political science programs choose to become involved in print, television, or radio journalism, where they apply their expert understanding of political systems to create reports about current events. Political scientists might cover elections, conduct interviews, or attend press conferences where they often have the opportunity to ask questions. Most journalists recognize the importance of objectivity and attempt to present their stories and reports in a manner that reflects factual information, rather than opinions.

Political advisors are political science experts who work alongside politicians and government officials, helping them make important decisions in a number of different situations.

People who fully understand the nature and meaning of constitutions, rulings, and regulations often pursue political science careers in law. Judges and attorneys usually have extensive knowledge of historical court decisions and public policy.


To obtain most political science careers, individuals must usually obtain, at minimum, bachelor's degrees from accredited universities.And for future prospects go for masters and phd program....
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