Polytechnic diploma in computer science syllabus of karnataka of 5th sem - 1 to 3 of 67 results

Himanshu on website of MERA CAREER GUIDE counselling phone number is given-(0120)-4319134, 7827884937. We all are working for this company. Just call them and tell them about your problem. I can only help you in education matter related with India not abroad. For abroad you need to contact other. You don't need to worry, Just call and tell what you want to know....
Hi Rakhi ,

I suggest, you look for off-campus drives of various IT companies, inviting freshers.Since you have completed your program in 2010, you are still eliible.
Also, make a list of technology companies around your region and do a reserach on the type of work they do and then plan your short-term course. It can be on MS- technology or on open systems, depending on your interest. Try programs offered by institutes like CDAC etc.
Post Graduate Diploma in Internet Security should be interesting.
Sumit Basu...
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For getting a good job in the field of computer science.without doing graduation in computer.
firstly you can go with the course of web designer,developer etc. completed one of the them courses then apply in the companies
then you will definitly got the job which you want in the field of computer science.

all the best...
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