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Hi ravi,

Yes. ye university UGC recognised hain.

The syllabus is almost same in IIT and AIEEE except for extra topics in IIT .Please visit the official website of AIEEE- www.aieee.nic.in/ and Official website of IIT-JEE http://www.iitg.ac.in/jee/ for getting detail of syllabus instead of wasting time in visiting one website to another and then checking the information whether it is right or wrong. You need to work on concepts in both the exams but in case of IIT you really need to practice hard in understanding of concepts and knowing their applications . In AIEEE speed and accuracy will matter more . Whenever in between two exams one exam is easy ( AIEEE in this case) the number of students appearing will be more and the number of question getting solved will also be more . There are good number of books available in market but having NCERT books are must . They will be your base on which you will prepare for all these engineering exams .Feel free to ask further question .... ► Read more
After completing a diploma in ECE one can apply for campus placement. If he/she got placed from placement then they can continue with that. But if they dont have any job at time of passing out. They may fill the forms for B.Tech/Engineering. Also sooner or later diploma holder need to hold a bachelor degree. As diploma can help you till a level. But to get better position/ promotion one must have to finish graduation. So better if you dont have any jonb apply for Engineering course. Pass it with a good score (minimum 70%) and you'll get a placement from college. Still you dont get a campus placement, dont worry, now its the right time, you can search for it and apply for it. You will get a quick response in comparison to a diploma holder.... ► Read more