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Previous year question paper of msc chemistry of bhu entrance - 1 to 3 of 18 results


First of all congrates on qualifiying enterance exams it shows your hard work is in right direction.
As you said you really want to get merit seat and do not want to occupy managment seats then according to me you can take drop for getting merit seat but few things should be kept in mind such as

(1)You will be appearing next year in the enterance exams ,it is a long duration so along with your studies you should keep your confidence high because situations will come when you will need it most . At that time instead of panicing you should keep your confidence high and continue studying.

(2)You will come across many people who will say that you should have not taken drop but remember once you take that decision there is no turning back instead of thinking what they are saying ,you must concentrate on your aim and continue studying.

(3)finally it all depends upon your strong will and desire to get selected in the enterance exam .So always keep them high.

And my sincere suggestion to you is that before taking this decision you should sit back and honestly think what are your strengths and weaknesses related to studies because once you come upon any decision atleast you will be shure that i decided to do this considering all facts and there is no one i should blame for it.

So best of luck and feel free to communicate if you need to know anything else.

BSc (HS) is it self a good course but after graduation there are little or you can say earning opportunities .After graduating you have these options.
1)You can search for a job in sales of chemicals and pharamaceutical if you want to do job after graduating
2)M Sc Chemistry : It will open following opportunities for you.
d) Teaching is a good option after getting postgraduate degree in basic sciences like chemistry. Private institutes preparing students for IIT/MBBS entrances hire students with PG degree at starting salary of Rs 15000- 25000.
e) There are lots of colleges who are offering jobs to fresh graduates (if you clear net it will be added advantage)
f) Govt jobs are also there but that needs extra degree of B.Ed.
2) Pharmaceutical companies are also a option if you are good in analysis and have a good practical hand.
3) Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) also hires MSc chemistry for different positions. So you keep yourself updated on that front.
4) Paint industry is another domain which offers opportunities for you.
5) Research: If you are interested in research you have two options.
a) Firstly, you can prepare for NET-JRF and apply for different IIT and many other good institutions like IISERS,IITs,CSIR labs.
b) You can appear for GRE and apply for different universities in abroad
CDS : This is a exam for entry into army.
MBA: Masters in business administration is another option for you after graduating from chemistry.But you have to research well before getting into prepration for different entrances like CAT,MAT,FMS,XAT etc
All the best for the entrance tests and I hope I have made the choice easier for you.
You may contact me for further queries.
Best Regards,
Career Architech.
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