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Hi Jyoti,

There are various courses that you can do in finance after 12th standard. They are as follows:-

B Com (Hons) in Accounting and Finance
B. Com (Accounting & Finance) - BAF
B.Com (Financial Accounting)
B.Com (Financial Markets)-BFM
B.Com (Honors)
B.Com (Professional)
B.Com. Corporate Secretary ship
B.Com. Hons. in e-commerce, Economics and Financial Accounting
Bachelor of Financial and Investment Analysis
Diploma in Financial Accounting

Best Wishes!
Dear Sir/Madam,

Thanks for your query.

You can start working with accounting job in any of the company. while associating with a job, you can pursue Professional in Tax  Consultant (PTC) Course through distance learning.

For more details on the Course, kindly visit or you can reach to us at 09029966116

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Hi Vaibhav,

If you are planning to do a CS then I would suggest that you should concentrate n that and go for that only. Doing a BBA or a B.Com will obviously be not be worthless but you will for sure waste those three precious years of your. CS being a professional course does not require a graduate degree you just need to pass your 12th for that. If you want to do a BBA or B.Com then you can do it in correspondence along with your CS.

I would suggest you to do your CS directly and not go in for your graduation and then a CS with that you save a lot of time of yours as well.

Best Wishes!

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Hi Shilpa,

There are ample of career options available.But you should see what are your interest areas,and take the path according to that. Some options for commerce students are :

# CA
# CS
# Mass communication
# BCA { if had maths in 12th}
# Advertising
# Fine arts
# Social work
# Animation and more

Let me know your areas of interest to be more clear.

Good Luck...
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Dear venkatesh

You need to pass CAT exam to get into IIM's and similar colleges. You can sit for the entrance exam in the final year of your graduation. Eligibility for MBA is 50% in graduation in any stream.

You can start preparing for CAT exam in you graduation.

All the best...
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Hi Candidate,

Yes after graduation you can definately after bright career opportunity in financial market  course, bse institute PGFM course is 2 yrs full time MBA course pls check more detials
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CA has better prospectus than ICWA inspite of easyness? I saw somany persons doing CA/CWA ,most of them are facing difficulty in passing ICWA than CA.? And Persons who registered for both CA and ICWA simultaniously are compleating CA earlierthan ICWA. ICWA is more difficult than CA. See percentage of pass ICFAI - 45%, CA- 10-15% ,CS- 8-10%, ICWA -2- 3% . And Persons who registered for both CA and ICWA simultaniously are compleating CA earlierthan ICWA. Number of CAs1,50,000 & ICWAs 30,000, CA pass % far morethan ICWA. CA syllabus lessthan ICWA ,But CA has more recognition. CA syllabus is lessthan ICWA But CA has more prospectus and opportunities. Cost accountants are also called Management Accountants all over the world in UK , US, Canada and even in Pakistan and Bangladesh also. Why that recognition is nt given by Indian Govt? The institutes of UK , US, Canada etc have recognised ICWA is equelent to their Management Accountancy and an ICWA can be the member of their institutes , why Indian govt is not accepting this. Even for name change also govt is not ready ( after BAC recommendations). ICWA syllabus is more. ICWA has Operations Managemet and Project Management , additional papers along with all papers of CA.
CA does not require maths , but ICWA requires maths knowledge....
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Hi Shekhar

Commerce is a very vast stream and there are lots of courses that are there for you like you can do BBA,BBS, BBM, BAF or B.Com,BIBF or CA ,CS.

So first try and find your area of interest and then decide as to what you want to do.

Best Wishes!

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Hi Amandeep,

To add to what Deepti mentioned, since you are from commerce, I would advice you that you can explore following options:
1) Do BCom and MCom, and simultaneously go for CA or ICWA or CS [Company Secretary]
2) Do your BCom and then look for an MBA in Finance

All the best,
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Hi Mukul,

There are huge career opportunities for commerce student, only you have to do is to choose one of your intrest. You must be quite familier with Graduation Program i.e B Com,BBA,BIBF,BBS,Economics(h), Charted Accountant CA, Company Secratory CS, but you are also eligible for some professional courses like BCA, BBA or GNIIT.

You are even eligible for BA, BSc in fashion designing, Interior Designing, You can also join Defence forces as you are also eligible for NDA, SSC, CDS examinations.

You can also make a wonderfull career in Animation, Film making, Mass communication, Newpaper/magzines/ news Editor.

Many fields are available, all you have to do is effort.

Best Wishes!
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Hi Bhavik

There are many bachelor degrees for commerce students like bca, bed, bcom, bba, bachelors degree in arts, communication, journalism, justice and legal studies, public relations, social sciences. Hotel management also provides good scope and it is offered by colleges/institutions

You can also do CA or CS .

Best Wishes!

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