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Project proposal 2013 and 2013 ugc aicte - 1 to 11 of 116 results

Thanks for replying , I got this college IEM in kolkata for MCA under PTU which is jointly approved by AICTE -DEC-UGC . Now i am not very clear about this course , as they have started it from last year and last year students are all praising the course and faculty . Please give me the information of this course quickly .
Another thing i have a desire to do PHD , so can i do PHD after doing MCA under PTU from IEM ....
Hi Anil,

UGC and AICTE approval required for all higher educational instutitions

Business Standard reports quoting officials from the Minstry of Human Resources Development that it will be mandatory for all institutes and universities to obtain the approval of the All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and the University Grants Commission (UGC).

An amendment to the UGC Act, 1950, and the AICTE Act, 1987, will be introduced in the winter session of Parliament providing the two with penal powers to be able to de-recognise an institution, take it to court, and even demand its closure if specified norms are not met. The amendment will apparently not apply in retrospect, but existing institutes and universities, which do not have approval from the AICTE or the UGC, will be asked to take one. As of now, an AICTE approval is optional. Also, a university can be set up by a state government without UGC approval as long as it does not take a grant.

1. Basically these are not degrees but apex organizations for higher education in India.
2. UGC is University Grants Commission and not related to technical education alone. All state universities and som other universities are UGC approved. It grants funds for research to institutions and universities.
3. AICTE is council for technical education only. Similarly we have for medical education, pharmacy, law etc. AICTE gives rankings to colleges.
4. Seek admission to college having 'A' certificate from AICTE and affiliated to a university approved by UGC. To the best of my knowledge only UGC approved degrees are recognized by the government as it is the apex body for higher education.
5. Approval from AICTE means a minimum standard will be followed but converse is not true, for example IITs and BITS Pilani are not affiliated to AICTE.

Many state governments, notably the Chattisgarh State Government, have allowed private universities and instituties to be set up
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Yes, after graduation, BSE Institute has introduced 2 year full time MBA program in global finance market, along with job opportunity for more details you can check here http://goo.gl/JMbPi... ► Read more
Well IIM's too give PGDM ...so its more important from which B school you doing !

All the best !...
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Hi Rockey,

Vinayaka Missions University is UGC recognized and Vinayaka Missions Kirupananda Variyar Engineering College is NBA-AICTE accredited.So your brother can take admission there. But here I see your question is of long days back.In the mean time I think you have taken your admission.So please let me know where you have got admission.

Best of Luck...
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Can i apply in govt.job(UPSC) with ksou btech degree?... ► Read more
Yes there are many colleges which is only UGC approved not AICTE approved.both are good but as AICTE is all india council of technical education so it is given more preference.It provides the licence for the institute to give a value and eligible degree.One of the main differences between University Grants Commission (UGC) and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), is that the later one basically deals with technical education.

Best of Luck..................
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First prepare for exam and get qualified if you want to do full time program . Later think about experience. There are also part time, correspondence and executive program for working professional. GMAT score is taken by all the best colleges in India. For all the exams mentioned by work experience is not even required.... ► Read more
Ravi final year year student in graduation can apply for CAT. At the time of admission you must have your result of college if not then your hard work will became waste. Now going by your situation it seems your college is too late . because academic session of colleges start before Sept. Appear in 2013 CAT. .At the time of admission you might not have degree ( it get late because of convocation) but you must have copy of mark sheet.feel free to ask further question .... ► Read more

Thanks a lot for your response.
The pros and cons which you have mentioned are really true. I cannot expect the same salary by switching into software development as a fresher.
Well, currently am planning to do MBA in Program management/ Finance/ Marketing (you have to help me to choose one among these) along with this am planning to have Association of Proposal Management Professional (APMP) certification, and Six Sigma certification.
Does it sounds good?....
Awaiting for your reply..

Thanks once again for your precious time
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