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Ask yourself these questions what are your interest - travel and tourism or technical job . Second thing are you really doing technical work if not then it means you will be moving your career on basis of MBA .More than the company your job profile will form basis of your future growth . Even company is knowing that you don't have technical qualification but you are MBA so you will have skill like managing project , work in team , effectively communicate with people e.t.c so they would have given you this job . So first check your job profile and you can give me reply for better suggestion .
What you can do is to search job in communication companies on basis of your work experience and MBA . You can take up short term courses where you require . You can also talk to HR person about change in job profile if require . You can always try job in travel companies . especially because you have experience in sale....
The education of social workers begins with a Bachelor's degree (BA, BSc, BSSW, BSW, etc.) or diploma in Social Work. Some countries offer Postgraduate degrees in Social Work like Master's (such as MSW, MA, MSc, MRes, MPhil etc.) or PhD (doctoral studies). More and more graduates of social work continue to post-doctoral studies. these are fields where you need to do work upon.... ► Read more
Of course why not?, you will definitely be able to do it provided you need to study a bit more, you have to face challenges in order to be successful. all the best.... ► Read more
No it does not matter, there are multiple job available now a days you should follow magazines and employment news as well.... ► Read more
Why not ?Head on straight to Tata Institute of Social Sciences,Mumbai or Delhi School of Social Work.You have great career options not only in social sector but also in the corporate sector.
Best Wishes!!...
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Social work is a professional and academic discipline that seeks to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of an individual, group, or community by intervening through research, policy, community organizing, direct practice, and teaching on behalf of those afflicted with poverty or any real or perceived social injustices and violations of their human rights.... ► Read more
Of course you will definitely be able to do it. because it is more interesting, you will have many scopes and you cam be self employed as your own NGO. as well... ► Read more
Admission is through entrance test for MSW program.... ► Read more

Dear Kritica,

That's very interesting to know that you looking for work ex before going for your post grad. For getting a PR job your city of location would b of quite important. All PR agencies would be found in metros or big cities and town. Secondly, I would advice you to pick up a job even if its not very high paying as work ex would give you enough exposure. PR jobs are not one which is low paying industry in fact a right aptitude can fetch you best salary. Though travel is one thing associated with PR professionals.

After an MBA salary ofcourse would be better. All the Best Write to me if you need any assistance....
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Best is to give C-MAT , for AICTE approved colleges & institutes , it is easier than CAT , XAT etc . if your C-MAT score is high then nobody can stop you from doing your MBA from a reputed institute... ► Read more
Hi friend,
since you selecte BPO as your career,an MBA in BPO Management can help you a lot i career advancement.Even you can do an Online MBA that lets you to work full time and attend online classes up to your convenience. But you must select the best Online MBA program like the one from NIBM Global. Online MBA has gained wide acceptance in industries....
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