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Dear Shraddha

These are some of the interview questions

How u will convince Axis bank or SBI bank customer to take loan from IDBI bank
diffrence between nationlised bank and psu bank and commercial bank.
what are the 7P's and 9R's of marketing
why do u want to join a government company
what does success mean to you
What are types of Depreciation?
What is the difference between ICICI and SBI? What is the most important achievement till date ?
what is the meaning of allahabad bank logo?
what is differnce between monetary policy and fiscal policy
What is the role of RBI ?

You can have a look at more of these kind at


All the best for your interview...
We all are waiting for "Delhi Educational Institutions (Reservation in admission) Bill, 2009" to come to an Act.

Hard Luck !...
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BE and MBA are extremely different fields,so think twice before going for an MBA,because you have not much to do technologically in MBA stream.So you will be wasting the knowledge you gained from BE ECE.So i would suggest you to work for some time in your stream and think about a right masters,whether MBA or ME. If you find your stream not suitable then only you must think of doing an MBA.You can enroll for an Online MBA program which is gaining wide acceptance now a days. Online MBA lets you to work full time and attend classes online upto your convenience.But one thing you must take care is that you must choose the right online MBA program► Read more
Dear Harsh,

First of all MBA and IES both are different fields.After completion of engineering If you clear the IES exam that will be best for you.It will provide you a very good career option.

But if you are interested in the management field very much and want to go to the corporate world then try for MBA.

Let me know for further assistance.

All the Best...
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Thanks mam for the reply. Most of the our seniors done there industrial training from either ALL INDIA RADIO, BSNL EXCHANGE or from a private electronics company. Tell me about this.... ► Read more
CSE is good branch having scope more in private sector also in government sector

But you want change branch computer science to electronics that is also well.electronics engineering scope is vast in all over india .
electronics engineer wants in the government sector more
as well as private also.
Gov. job it is secure job for full life. it is definitely sure that go with
Electronics than got job in gov. company
So decide in which you happy
All the Best...
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This decision completely depends on the person and his or her personal interest. Both the course provides ample specialization, but both provide specialization in separate sectors. If one is more interested in engineering line and want to work in their trade line and want to make a career with engineering projects, then without delay one should go for M.Tech. That will help them in getting a better rank and post in the same line in which they were working or wanted to work after the completion of their B.Tech degree.

However, if one is more interested in working in the management aspect of companies rather than engineering line, one should go for the MBA degree. MBA will enable them to work from the management front where they can manage the resources for the benefits of various aspects of the business.

Best of Luck.............
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You information is not enough for giving the answers. Please give the full information. Please tell me for which course or exam you want to choose your subject.
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Hi Abhilash,

I would suggest that u should try in some private Institute. Because of ur ranking u will not get admission in NIT :)...
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The first question is how you are going to balance ece and civil engineering. You already have atkts . Now you will be taking up one more course. How you can manage both the course and also ensure that there will be no atkts in future. Take up one course and work hard on it . It will be better if you complete your B.TECH first . At least you will get your degree. You might face problem during placement but you can always try job on your own . There are also lot of opportunities in govt. sector. At least after completing graduation you can try for PG level course. and please this time take up course which is according to your interest and abilities. If you don't do this in manner then you will be repeating the same mistake. Also if you think that engineering is not according to your interest and abilities then take up some other course . so that you can have better career . Finally you are working hard to make a good career . There are lot of people who have great career without having engineering degree . and there are lot of people who have succeeded because of their hard work after meeting failures at the start of career. Don't try 2 to 3 thing at one time like you want to do currently . It will only increase the problem . You have to work harder , . You will be investing extra time and money . So first see what you exactly want to do and then take up course . Just don't take up any course because your friend have done it and suggested it . It is your career so career choices should also be made according to your abilities and interest and not on someone suggestion. Please be free to ask further question.... ► Read more
MBA will be a better option in your case,because job opportunities are large in case of MBA graduates and building a career after MBA is easier than MA. If you are not able to enroll for a full time MBA,choose the best Online MBA program which allows you to work full time and attent classes as you wish.NIBM is the one of the leading institute in India to provide quality Online MBA programs. They provide 1yr executive MBA for professionals,2 yr online MBA also.They have online MBA programs affiliated with Bharathiar university which is AICTE,UGC,DEC approved.I think NIBM will be a wise option for your online MBA studies.Syllabus of NIBM EMBA meets international standards. for more details visit their website http://nibmglobal.com/... ► Read more

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