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Rajalakshmi engineering college question bank for cse - 1 to 3 of 92 results

CSE is good branch having scope more in private sector also in government sector

But you want change branch computer science to electronics that is also well.electronics engineering scope is vast in all over india .
electronics engineer wants in the government sector more
as well as private also.
Gov. job it is secure job for full life. it is definitely sure that go with
Electronics than got job in gov. company
So decide in which you happy
All the Best...
Dear Ashish
Its good to know u want to do cse and there is a great scope for this branch in futute. As a matter of fact the CSE branch has always been the first choice for all the top rankers as well as engineering aspirats of our country and as a matter of there are a lot of software companies that offer a good package in our country .
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Rocking question :)..

All toppers in engineering generally go with ECE.. except an exceptional few who are really interested in CSE stream. And, after today's software slump generaly ppl would be preferring ECE.

But, provide more details so that we can comment more. Suhani, in her above comment, mentioned it right like what are each of these areas.

Go ahead with what you like in them....
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