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Rajasthan pre ayurvedic test jodhpur 2010 - 1 to 11 of 241 results


Rajasthan university offers Masters  in English and has  semester system for exams .This is a two years degree course .

You can take admission there by qualifying entrance exam, It would be a state level entrance  test organized by university .your marks should be in cut off list .

you can also choose other universities also they have good courses for English litt. Like Delhi university, Allahabad university or Banaras Hindu university.

Good luck!!!...
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What are you asking dude....clearly batao ...What you looking for ??... ► Read more
Not really...if people ranked higher than you have taken up seats elsewhere then you could just make the cut...
but as of now i dont really think so... fingers crossed...
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Hi Priya,

As you have finished your MCA you can go in for a job and gain some experience as you say your results were late and you could not join any college. You can try it next year also by the time you can start working and gain some experience.

Best of luck!
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Yes you are eligible . For example if i pass 12th in 2012 then i can appear in BITSAT 2012 .... ► Read more
MBA in IT is a good option for you. It provides you good opportunities. MBA in information technology is a considerably new course that has grown popular within no time. MBA degree in information technology is known as MBA in IT Management. The basic nature of the course is to integrate business management with information technology.MBA in information technology Management will have to take up a job that is much higher than that offered to a person with a normal MBA degree and MCA.
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The question you shiuld ask yourself is what do you like, and would see yourself doing happily after 20 years!
Do not rush and join what everyone else is doing.
Most MBA students I have questioned say they are doing MBA because their friends are doing or their parents forced or that they think it pays good salary.

I think you must go for MCA and pursue the career where future lies.
take care
Madhurie Singh
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Which course are you applying for?...
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Hi Gowtham,

Please go thru list of reference books using following url,

You can get previous year's solved paper published by Made Easy Publication, focus on numerical part most. you will get thru ISRO and GATE.

Cheers !...
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You can do Java or Dot net courses to move forward in life, & that will be best for your good IT jobs. All the best!!... ► Read more

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