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Hi ram,

Public administration has always been a subject that has great impact on the society. There are lot of job prospects ahead. One can easily get a job in government organizations or can get easily absorbed in government authorizations dealing with public and society. Teaching in universities is another options available.

Phd public administration Institutes:
2. Dr. B,R Ambedkar open university , hyderabad...
You can look for the course that suite you best out of the few I have listed.

Best Wishes!
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Hi Pooja,

First you should decide if you can do a full time course and if you are ready to do graduation from the beginning. The second option is appearing for B.A. as a private candidate.

The choice is your's and as per your suitability.
You must take an initiative to start your student/ college life once again.
Think clearly what is your priority and act likewise. Full time BA or part time.Think about the subjects in which you are interested in and you are good at also you think of building a career in.

Best of luck....
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After diploma you can do graduation in any field of choice if you are not interested in civil engineering. Diploma is equivalent to 12th. Please tell me your interest, field in which you want to go for a better advice You can also turn your hobbies like dancing, painting, writing, advertising e.t.c in career. If you are still confused please go for psychological assessment conducted by MERA CAREER GUIDE. The test will help you in understanding your interest, personality, and making a right career decision.... ► Read more
You can take as many degree as you can . I will suggest you first complete bachelor of physiotherapy. In you want to continue in physiotherapy you can do masters in that and you will get a good job after that. If you are not interested in that then go for MBA in hospital administration Master in social work, , . You can also try for job after BPT. Don't mess up your career with so many bachelor degrees. A candidate can choose from the options like Bachelors degree in physiotherapy, Bachelor of Science in physiotherapy, Master of Physiotherapy (MPT), MPT in sports physiotherapy etc

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If you are really interested in biology and chemistry degree in pharmaceutical sciences is a good option for you. with numerous jobs available in research production as well as marketing NET/SET exam is not required for job in academics too... ► Read more

You should continue with your current job. It has a very wide scope. Medical Transcription is one of the fastest growing fields in health care. Medical transcription is an interesting and challenging career. Medical transcription could be one of the speedy growing IT enabled service in India also, with the rapid change in the outlook in Indian healthcare and privatization of the insurance sector.

All the best.......
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You can opt for MBA course in Hospital administration or Healthcare management.This will help you get better paying job in management field.

You can look for MBA program offered by CREMA. For more click: http://www.meracareerguide.com/clinicalresearch.aspx

Good Luck...
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Check out http://www.growthcentre.org/ .
it provides career counselling,clinical testing,aptitude testing.
also provides information on colleges,careers,study abroad,internships etc.
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Either you do a masters or get into things like Sports Physiotheraphy.
You can specialize in a certain available course ans join a college as a Asst Lecturer.
practice wise you can either setup a clinic but that involves a huge capital in terms of investment.
Best option is to join the Physio Wing of a corporate Hospital....
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Dear Candidate,

First of all congratulation for securing real good marks in your 12th standard. What i am understanding, you have broadly 2 questions. 1. whether you should go to Delhi or not? 2. Whether you will pursue MBA or CA?Let's answer them one by one.
1. Whether you will go to Delhi or not, is purely your choice dear. There are also a number of good colleges in Mumbai. If remaining away from home really hampers your mind, and if you are very much dependant on your parents/ siblings then i'll suggest, don't go. You will never be able to concentrate on your studies. But, 3 years is really not a big time and there are lots of students each year going even USA/Canada. How far is Delhi from Mumbai???? Answer these questions. and take your decision.
2. I'll suggest you to go for CA than MBA. As MBA has been a quite easy degree now. you seem to be good in studies. If you think you want to study this much hard and for at least 5-6 more years after graduation, then better go for CA. But if you want to really rap up your study soon and looking for earning within few years, go for MBA.

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