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MBA in IT is a good option for you. It provides you good opportunities. MBA in information technology is a considerably new course that has grown popular within no time. MBA degree in information technology is known as MBA in IT Management. The basic nature of the course is to integrate business management with information technology.MBA in information technology Management will have to take up a job that is much higher than that offered to a person with a normal MBA degree and MCA.

The question you shiuld ask yourself is what do you like, and would see yourself doing happily after 20 years!
Do not rush and join what everyone else is doing.
Most MBA students I have questioned say they are doing MBA because their friends are doing or their parents forced or that they think it pays good salary.

I think you must go for MCA and pursue the career where future lies.
take care
Madhurie Singh
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Hi Sagar,
MBA is in high demand. U can try SMU's EMBA program. you can contact any SMU centres...
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And also what are the options after physical sc if Im planning to study overseas??? what is the best which can be done??

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We have received your detailed email and looking into your case, Meanwhile your similar concern has been attended here, you can go through it:

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Yes puspak, Maths is very important. You have to be well versed with maths ,if interested in MCA.

Dont be afraid of maths. Practice ! Practice ! Practice ! This will make you you perfect. Enjoy maths....
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Dear Hemant,

There are many good career options for B.Sc.(maths) candidates.

Coming to the job option : Mathematics graduates are employed in many different areas. Industry, commerce, government departments and teaching represent some of the more obvious ones. Some jobs require specific mathematical or statistical skills while others, although not directly involving these skills, require the ability to think precisely and reason logically.

You can find any Bank jobs ,business complex,various statistics and academic jobs in government as well as private sector and many more.

You can appear for any entrance like ICS,CDS,PSC,SSC,etc

Higher studies option :

You can also look for higher studies like MCA.,MBA and Actuarial science is also a very good choice for career.

However,for more greater job prospect I will advice you to go for Master or P.hd.level,after that you dont have to search for jobs.

If want to know more about a Mathematicians visit the link

All the Best...
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Some of the suggested options for you are:

BCA and than MCA
BBA and than MBA
Bachelor in Financial studies
Charted accountancy with general B.com
Bachelor's in applied mathematics
Actuarial studies is another very good options for people with flair at maths.

Good luck...
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For doing BCA following eligibilty criteria is required:

1. A candidate should complete there +2 in any recgnized board.
2. A candiadate should take a computer science group in +2 or commerce with computer science.
3.The minimum marks must be scored in HSC is 55%.

So if you have computer science in class 12th then you can go for BCA and afer that MCA.

Best Wishes!!!...
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Hi Pingali

Chartered accountancy is one of the most preferred courses in our country. It is acknowledged as the most notable qualification in finance and accounting. Students who have undergone CA courses will come to have very good knowledge on accounting, auditing and taxation.

Chartered Accountant can find lot of opportunities in accounting and auditing firms. Taxation departments also hire the service of Chartered Accountant to prepare the tax returns and advice the clients on the importance of taxes. They can assist the management in implementing various cost controlling methods and also find a lucrative career opportunity in the field of cost accountancy. They can also perform the secretarial work of a company. They can carry out the administration of an estate or a settlement by getting into the position of an executor or trustee. Chartered Accountants can also find any of the financial jobs given below.
• Directors (Finance)
• Finance Managers
• Financial Advisors
• Financial Controllers

Best Wishes!...
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