Rdvv result engineering 4th sem - 243 to 253 of 1222 results

Dear Amit,

There are many factors involved when we talk of getting a job. Marks alone are not the only factor.

Ofcourse each company has certain cutoff to write the exams. So for that you stil have three more sems to go. Try to keep yoru pecentage above 60.

Next, is concentrate on core subject areas where you intent to make a job.

Your basics should be strong, Apart from academic a confidence, softskills and a good resume would help you to get yoru very first job.

Networking is also a key element in getting a job. You can know about networking here:


All the Best...
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Hi Raj mohan,

You are right your question is vague, its like now you are here the next minute somewhere else. So i would suggest you to first what you want to do and what kind of job you are interested in, whether a job or business? So Raj i would kindly request you to first complete your BCA backlogs and joining CCNA is another good thing you did. First complete these things then think what to do with the degree.

All the best....
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Dear Shruti,

I can understand your plight, this is the issue with most of the fresher's especially after global meltdown. My suggestion is pick up a job even if its paying you low cause that would help you get experience and then accordingly you can switch job at your desired pay scale.

Another alternate is if you looking for some sort of higher education this could be the right time for going for it or some professional courses might also help you if you not looking to make a career in your core discipline i.e electrical. Do write if you further need to talk and discuss.
All the Best ! Hoping for your best future....
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Hi Akriti,

The best Govt. ones (as far as placement is concerned) are:

SGSITS - Indore
MITS - Gwalior

These two are Govt engineering colleges which are quite famous for the placements(read arnd 80-90%) in the M.P. circuit.
Another good Govt college is SATI- Vidisha but lags behind the other two in placements only.

Rest all colleges told by Chetan are really nice especially LNCT - Bhopal.
You can also have a look at OIST-Bhopal as it also has a great reputation.
NOTE: LNCT,OIST -Bhopal are Private Colleges still rank higher than few govt colleges.
For good colleges in MP I am considering Placements as the main Parameter.


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Hello Sachin,

Being an MBA student first important thing is be groomed well , Your personality would matter a lot as most of the jobs MBA students are involved with include interaction with customers.

So, build on your personality and dressing , Second your communication skills are very important.

There will be few standard questions like tell me about yourself , What are your strengths and weekness, this you should practice in advance.

Please give a look at few sample question: http://www.meracareerguide.com/Interview.aspx#1

Here you can see interview attire for boys: http://www.meracareerguide.com/Interview.aspx#4

A good resume is key to success. To learn about resume click here: http://www.meracareerguide.com/Resume.aspx#2

Let know you need any more help. All the best !

You can see few sample resume here too: http://www.meracareerguide.com/Resume.aspx#3

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There is no real difference between a Masters of Science in Engineering and a Masters of Engineering.

In general, a master of engineering degree is oriented more towards professional development of practicing engineers. There is little or no research requirement and as a result there is a reduced expectation of focus in the program. Entry into these programs is generally less competitive, but they are considered poor preparation for PhD study. The expectation is that students will be entering/returning to the workforce following completion. Many engineers use these degrees to "top up" there skills as they climb the corporate ladder.

The masters of science degree is ... a typical MS degree. There is usually a thesis requirement and stricter admissions standards. Though admission stds are specific to country

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BE means Bachelor of Engineering while BTech means Bachelor of Technology

There is no difference in curriculum or structure of the course ...
Say ex: IIT give B.Tech and BITS-Pilani gives BE
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To add on to whatever has already been mentioned. The electronics industry in India is currently booming and the job are currently on the rise.The electronics is basically divided into two fields -
1.VLSI companies:These companies are into the design and production of chips used in variety of electronic products ranging from cellular products to automobiles.
2.EDA companiies: Electronic design Automation companies are ancillary industries feeding the VLSI companies with tools (or softwares) for their efficient working

Do let me know if you require any other specific info regarding the electronics industry...
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