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Results of australian chemistry quiz 2013 for 12th standard in the month of september - 1 to 3 of 119 results

Chaitanya - wherever you are living try to find about companies which can offer you job - teaching, event coordinators, computer operator , anchoring regional events, radio jockeys, .The job will not pay much but will give you decent earning. Actually find out job of your interest especially if work experience can help in achieving your career aspirations. You can also find online jobs- typing, writing, teaching e.t.c...
Hi Vinod,

Here is information about study center near Andheri (Mumbai).

St.Dominic Savio High School
Andheri (East),Mahakali Road,Mumbai
Maharashtra , 400093
022-28362633 , 28370564 , 28321122/28302424
E-Mail : falissu @ rediffmail. com

Cheers !
Pradeep Singh

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