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Rvce placements in cse - 1 to 11 of 229 results

Hi sundeep,

According to performance and demand for seats in the previous years
RV College of Engineering, Bangalore and P.E.S. Institute of Technology, Bangalore are gud.

Cheers !!!...
CSE is good branch having scope more in private sector also in government sector

But you want change branch computer science to electronics that is also well.electronics engineering scope is vast in all over india .
electronics engineer wants in the government sector more
as well as private also.
Gov. job it is secure job for full life. it is definitely sure that go with
Electronics than got job in gov. company
So decide in which you happy
All the Best...
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As we can see from last year DAIICT admission list, the ranks were around 9000 (General category). Also the numbers of seat increases in AIEEE, so there will be a good chance that this year the rank can be around 9500. Although DAIICT has only 240 seats, so there will be good competition. Accordingly, for SC/ST or PH category the rank can go between 40,000 to 60,000 (approximation). So evaluate yourself and get the right college.... ► Read more
Rocking question :)..

All toppers in engineering generally go with ECE.. except an exceptional few who are really interested in CSE stream. And, after today's software slump generaly ppl would be preferring ECE.

But, provide more details so that we can comment more. Suhani, in her above comment, mentioned it right like what are each of these areas.

Go ahead with what you like in them....
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Hi Suresh,

B.E (Computer Science) from the Top engineering colleges, an individual can find a good job in the renowned IT company. He can work in various areas such as:

Software Application
Sales and Marketing
Support and Application services
Computer Operations
Programmers or coders

In short, B.E(Computer Science) program brings a lot of job opportunities for the students.

All the best....
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When skills and talent are there nothing is tough. But !!! What is needs is patience. As the industry is growing fast again after rescission .

There are number of job portals, place your resume there. Go for walk in interviews. Forward your resume to companies directly. This will help you. Almost all companies today call for test ,GD and Interview for freshers. Prepare yourself for that.

# Important thing your resume should be impressive.

Check out the link for tips: http://www.meracareerguide.com/Interview.aspx

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Check out your other questions,for answers to all your questions.

Good luck...
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Lpu has contacts with industry so the toppers of each stream is well placed but the rest are not placed. dont go by the their advertisements . the topper also gets about 3-3.5 lacs only
in terms of education the teachers are good but the environment of lpu is not good . u dont get a good company with a studious student , most students here are leftovers and compartmentees...
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Basically in the placement process there are four rounds.
i)Written Test
ii)GD(Group Discussion)
iii)HR Interview
and iv)Technical Interview

For Written Test U have to practice both logical and Quantitative apptitude.For Quantitative apptitude
you can follow R.S.Agarwal.This is best.
For GD Round mainly your communication skill is examined and also presence of mind.So to improve comm-
nication skill practice with your friends taking any particular topic.
In HR Interview You have to give all the answers smartly and always with smiling face.
In technical interview,it totally depends on you.You have to work on your papers.

Another important point is You must have a good and presentable Resume.For various resume format you
can visit the link.http://www.meracareerguide.com/Resume.aspx#3

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Hello simriti,
Yes, institute of hotel management give placements opportunites to their participant .
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My few cents in this scenario sreemoyee..

Added to the extent of knowledge you have in a field.. its also equally important to grow your network.. try building your friends data base.. like people who are alredy working in your dream industry, in your dream company kindaa things... this will fetch you great way.. cozz.. when the world says that placements are not happening.. still there are invisibly things going on in bg.. and such things get into notice of only people who are with in a firm / holding good network..

so.. improve contacts with people.. never should we limit ourselves to bookish subjects n projects...

all the best.....
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