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Dear Vishakha
You can check the following link for CATE sample papers
Best of luck for ur CATE Exam...
Aakash institute is good for AIEEE. There are also good names like Brilliant tutorials. FIITJEE, PIE e.t.c But just entering in coaching institute will not ensure that you will succeed. You need to work hard and practice a lot. I will suggest you to if you are joining classes do interact with previous students before starting in it. Not all the branches on any coaching institute are good. Do enquire about the specific branch where you are joining. Get to know about teachers, how they teach, fees and above all of these their teaching environment should suit you and also be affordable for you.... ► Read more
    Best way to know about your talent or potential is to give aptitude test offered by MERA CAREER GUIDE.According to the scores of your test you can decide which field to choose to make your career .
  Another way of knowing your interest is to introspect your self by meditating in a quiet place.Observe your actions ,what you like and what you dislike and this is how you can connect many things together .This will lead you to your field of interest.
     Best of luck!!!!!!!!...
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Hi Nikhil,

There is always a solution to every problem. When there are ample of career options available,its difficult to choose the best suited one.

I would suggest you to go for an aptitude test . There are lot of free tests available on internet. There are two different test available on our homepage for school and college students. Choose your test and write back to us.

You can even go for individual counseling from our experts. See the link:

Write back

All the best...
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If someone found the RRB health and Malaria inpector exam ... ► Read more
For more details on cartoonist see the link below,
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Hey i also wanna work in banks please if u find any openings please do send it to me
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Yes, you will get the online examination paper (online only) like the people get question paper after finishing examination in offline mode. According to AIEEE, you will get the question paper as soon as you finish the examination on your mail inbox. You can check your mail inbox to get the reference of question you faced during AIEEE online examination.... ► Read more
Try , Naryana coaching of you have around that ..!... ► Read more
You have to scored 50% Marks in the CPT Exams, only then you can qualify. Dont fear, work hard. Take CA coaching classes. They provides you better study material and teach you method of studying. Take sample papers from the net and consult your friends.CA is not tough if you study with concentration.... ► Read more
Yes you have to pass all the papers. The minimum passing marks for the CS foundation course will be 40% that is 40 marks out of 100. You need 40 marks for passing the CS foundation exam. Actually this is qualifying marks as well as passing marks .For qualifying CS foundation one should get 40 marks per subject and 50% aggregate marks.
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