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In my opinion, BAMS is better than BDS in many ways. BAMS doctor is a general practitioner. Look around you, in any city or town we have many big hospitals but very few general practitioners which are most needed for not so serious kinds of ailments. People go to chemists or RMPs due to scarcity of qualified general practitioners. So there is a huge scope for BAMS doctors especially in rural, semi urban and industrial areas. Dental practise in India is not going to follow the western pattern as very few people in a poor country spend money for dental treatment (they prefer tooth extraction).
Yes, they teach sanskrit in the first year only which is not very difficult. The rest of the study is similar to that of MBBS. In fact you will get a knowledge of ayurvedic medicines as well as allopathic. MCI also allows BAMS graduates to practise allopathy....

You can do PG courses in computer. Such as :

# Web designing
# Animation
# Graphics

You can also do GNIIT course from NIIT . And get into programming .
Check :

# Other than this you can opt for career in clinical research:
What is Clinical Research?.
A clinical research is a scientific study of the effects, risks, efficacy and benefits of a medicinal product. These are carried out prior to the release of the medicine in the market. These trials are undertaken at various stages and studies are conducted after the launch of a new product to monitor safety and side effects during large-scale use. Clinical trials are conducted by pharmaceutical companies or contract research organisations (CRO's) on their behalf. It is this sector that is driving the growth in clinical research in India.
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Hi chirag,
The choice of place to do MBA is your own choice. First choose your priority place. And apply for admission in both India and US .Universities in India and US conducts entrance exams. So apply in both countries. So that you will have options to choose.
Popular institutes in India are:
1. IIM's
2. FMS
4. Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai (JBIMS)
5. Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi (IIFT)
6. Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai (NMIMS)

IN USA are:
1. Stanford University
2. Harvard Business School
3. Columbia Business School (NY)
4. Chicago Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago
5. New York University, Stern School of Business (NY)
6.The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

All these institutes needs a lot of hard work to get into it. They have entrance exams, which our bit tough. But not impossible. Work hard !!!
Best of luck...
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General Information, GRE

Top 50 engineering universities in USA

U.S. News Rank University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Stanford University (CA)


University of California–Berkeley


Georgia Institute of Technology


University of Michigan–Ann Arbor


California Institute of Technology


University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign


Carnegie Mellon University (PA)


Cornell University (NY)


Purdue University–West Lafayette (IN)


University of Texas–Austin


University of Southern California


Texas A&M University–College Station


University of Wisconsin–Madison


University of California–San Diego

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I want to study in USA. pleacs can u help me?
My farther had pastaway so plz do me a faver? ...
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This is the good combination. It provides you good opportunities.This would give you

-an edge at the job entry

-growth opportuniity widens its scope

-future is bright.


-financial planner

-merchant banker

-stock broker

-financial analyst

-investment banker

-investment consultant

-business manager

-jobs in banks

-financial consultant

-finance managers

-professor of finance

-fund manager

-wealth manager...
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Hello Ramneek,
I can surely tell you about USA right now. You will have to clear an exam called NBDE.
Here is some latest information regarding NBDE -
Foreign-trained dentists must take the NBDE in order to earn admission into advanced standing programs in US dental schools. Beginning January 2011, repeating NBDE I or NBDE II once earning a passing score (75 or higher) will be forbidden, unless required by a state board or relevant regulatory agency. Starting in 2012 the NBDE exams will be graded on a PASS/FAIL basis only.
NBDE I consists of 400 multiple choice questions emphasizing basic sciences:
1. Human Anatomy and Histology
2. Biochemistry and Physiology
3. Microbiology and Pathology
4. Dental Anatomy and Occlusion.
NBDE II requires two days and focuses on clinical dental topics:
1. Endodontics
2. Operative Dentistry
3. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery/Pain Control
4. Oral Diagnosis
5. Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry
6. Patient Management, including Behavioral Science, Dental Public Health and Occupational Safety
7. Periodontics
8. Pharmacology
9. Prosthodontics
Prepare for NBDE and go to US.
All the best.

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MBA from US is much better than MBA through UK. It is totally depend upon your convenience.It would depend on where you like to work in terms of post MBA goals, however MBA from US is much more well recognized and regarded across the world. In terms of cost of the MBA, UK could turn out to be cheaper especially considering the 1 yr program duration.

All the best..................
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Check out Global Education Counsel. It is in mumbai and pune provides all information on study abroad, career counselling, entrance exams preparation like GRE, CAT, CET, GMAT, XAT, SAT, IELTS.
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Hi Sunil,

With the challenges posed by environmental issues on existing flora, the significance and scope of Botany has widened, than ever before. After successful completion of graduation in Botany, one can work as biological technician, while a post graduate degree in the subject makes the person eligible to opt for a career in teaching or to take up research work in any prominent University. Besides, one can join any reputed organization as environment consultants, plant explorers, ecologists, conservationists, Park ranger/Forester, Nursery manager, Taxonomist, Horticulturist, Genetics, Plant biochemist, Molecular biologist, Plant pathologist, Environmental consultant, and Farming consultant. Options are not only confined to India, numerous opportunities are also available in abroad as well.

All the best.
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In automation in railways in airline in almost every industry where ever u find instruments and to correct them to give customer satisfaction ..etc... ► Read more

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