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After taking PCM you will be able to move any of the engg. line. you will be able to do graduation in the field of science without biology. you can do courses like BCA, MCA and MBA as well. this can make your future really bright....
Nikunj, after PCM there are lot of career options- engineering, Biotech, Pilot, Merchant Navy, Architecture, CA, ICWA, computer science , Law,e.t.c. Don't worry this dilemma is faced by lot of students but important is tofind your interest. If you tell me your interest area then i can advise you better. You will excel in field you have interest and ability I will suggest you to take up the psychological assessment conducted by MERA CAREER GUIDE. The test will help you in knowing your real personality , interest and also in deciding career.... ► Read more
Dear Student,
Every field and stream provides ample opportunities for good reputation and income. However that should not be the reason to choose a particular line. Your inherent likes , interest and inclination should be your guide in choosing a career path. Once you give your 100% to your chosen profession with dedication & commitment , name, fame and money is assured. True success is a combination of   Material success and inner satisfaction .Best Wishes !...
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Hi Cheena,
I would love to guide you in this matter.I don't no whether I will be able to make you understand that whether engineering is for you or not just by this short writing.After reading the following stuff , if you feel confuse then I will strongly recomend you to take suggestion from me or other expert counselor whomever you like.Now try to understand the following write up
4 years back I was exactly in the same condition where you are now, so I can understand your feelings. Don't get frustrated,search various engineering stuff on net, try to know more about the engineering future and then if you feel that you don't like engineering then well and good, try to explore other field but if you like it and the challenges associated with it, then ask a simple question to your self , that whether you don't like engineering or are you afraid of study? Just give your best and then decide. Don't decide your career without exploring the field.
Say you decide Engineering as your career after exploring the field then also there are many more issues you will have to face.A simple example is when I clear my JEE, I was confused which branch to choose and which college etc but the decision was rite luckily , but many of my frimds are not satisfied with their decision. so please be careful adn don't hesitate to spent some money if require.This is about your life.
I hope you got my point, if not then please do let me know
All the best
Sibabrata das
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Yes there should be some talent within you in order to take PCM but one should work hard in order to be successful in the field of PCM, it is quite hard one should work hard in order to get good marks..... ► Read more
Hi Vaibhav,

You can go select BE Computer science or any other field except of medical.

All the best.
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Hi Soumya,

With this as your current course, there is plenty of choice. In fact you could choose almost any career option, but engg would suit this profile.

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Definitely PCM is a good stream...... It offers you with a wide range of career option..... This is tough or not, it completely depends on you and your interest..... But a proper study is required, which is required in other stream too, means if you are thinking of short cut then you need to change your mentality........ ► Read more

See what interests you and then choose the right career path. Evaluate all aspects and choose precisely, If you are interested in Engineering and admissions are open in Shiv Nadar University, this University belongs to Shiv Nadar foundation and belongs to HCL group, which can give you a decent start....
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After opting for sciene you can do any type of courses like Engg. Medical, Architecture, you can also move in to the field of commerce and arts as well.
you will be able to do BCA,MCA,MBA, and many more courses.....
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Dear Parminder,

The scope after B.Sc. in agriculture is quite vast in terms of both higher education and job opportunities. As far as higher education is concerned, you can do M.Sc. in agriculture. The master’s degree will help a student gain more detailed and specialized knowledge about the subject as well as help to seek better jobs. MBA in agriculture is also another option.

And if you want to go for job rather than higher studies then there’s no worry, as there are a lot of government and private bodies who seek for knowledgeable and skilled professionals to benefit their business. Organizations like banks, food chains, insurance companies, Dairy consultancies, Animal industry employ professionals from agriculture field.

Agricultural Engineers also have bright career prospects. after graduation or post-graduation in Agriculture the options and opportunities of career are many. State Department of Agriculture recruits Agricultural Engineers as agricultural officers for the development of agriculture in a district. There are also private firms take agricultural engineers.Those interested in research activities can join IARI as junior fellow researcher and become agricultural scientists.

And in the question of salary it depends upon the companies and your knowledge and ability.
To know more about this field click on :

All the Best!!!!!!!
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