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Scope after bsc- pcm - 1 to 3 of 17 results

After taking PCM you will be able to move any of the engg. line. you will be able to do graduation in the field of science without biology. you can do courses like BCA, MCA and MBA as well. this can make your future really bright....
Yes there should be some talent within you in order to take PCM but one should work hard in order to be successful in the field of PCM, it is quite hard one should work hard in order to get good marks..... ► Read more
Definitely PCM is a good stream...... It offers you with a wide range of career option..... This is tough or not, it completely depends on you and your interest..... But a proper study is required, which is required in other stream too, means if you are thinking of short cut then you need to change your mentality........ ► Read more

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