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Sd college sector 32 chandigarh courses offered - 34 to 36 of 157 results


You can do courses in computer hardware and networking. Some institutes are :

# Jetking institute of hardware and networking http://www.jetkinginfotrain.com/
# IHTI http://www.ihitindia.com/courses.html
# IIHT http://www.iiht.com/
# Aptech
# GT computer hardware engineering institute http://www.gteducation.net/...

You can do so, but if university permits. Many universities have rule ,that students are not allowed to pursue two degree at same time.
Talk to the department head or registrar of the concerned university....
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Hi Mayuresh, GIS (Geographic Information System) is no longer considered just a mapping technology, confined to the domain of geographers. Now, the gap between GIS and information technology (IT) is narrowing each day. GIS is no more merely used in mapping surfaces of the earth. It has shaken off this image in most developed countries. Doctors are using this technology for tracking the flow of chemicals in the body; they call this system Body GIS. Business and retail stores are using GIS in what they call Business Geographics; Japanese railways use GIS for detecting faults in railway tracks. The list is endless. GIS technology is so versatile that it has attracted almost all major IT companies. Microsoft and Google have made an entry into it, not to mention other giants, such as Oracle, Reliance and Satyam. The day is not too far when GIS will be the front end of all IT applications. GIS is emerging as an important decision-making tool for socio-economic planning. There is a great demand for highly skilled manpower in this area. The future of GIS is good and lot of growth is expected in this domain. This is driven by the growing awareness caused by consumer mapping/visualization platforms, and even more by the growing awareness and benefits that full GIS provides to organizations. Future of GIS is to shift to web services and server technology. The software we will be using will have a much broader application base than the systems we sit in front of each day. A better term would be spatially enabled software, There will be a place for the traditional GIS and GIS professionals however it will be better if with GIS skills you could also upgrade your IT skills.
As a GIS professional you can work as an analyst/consultant/manager/developer/trainer/map developer and technician. Many public and private companies employ professionals with experience in GIS technology at different levels. Public Sector organisations like ISRO, NRSA, National Informatic
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