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Seat of mathematics in asutosh college for honours course - 1 to 3 of 164 results


After doing Zoology(hons) you can go for teaching profession or you can go for reseach work in the field  like nature, wildlife, enviornment or lab work in the fields of biochemistry, DNA, immuniology, microbiology. any more branches are there it depend on you interest which field you want to select.

Best Wishes!!!...
After doing your eco honors you can go in numerous fields because economists are good in all sectors of the economy. The economies of the world are growing in unison and most are growing rapidly and naturally with the increases economic activity, economists will find many more opportunities to utilize their educational qualification remuneratively. 

You can begin with government enterprises, public undertaking, banking, finance, private sectors, business journals and newspapers. Going for Indian Economics service would be an excellent option for if you want to in Indian government area Officers are recruited through examinations conducted by the Union Public Service Commission.
One needs to be a graduate and in the 21-28 age groups to be eligible for this examination The examination is held in the month of September every year. The announcement for the same is made in the month of March of the same year. The written examination has papers in English, General Studies, General Economics and Indian Economics. The written examination is followed by an interview.   

It’s up to you , if you are really interested economics then this subject is best for you to bath in the Shine  of Golden Glory!!! 
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!
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It is a good institite for Maths and also for physics... ► Read more

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